7 Industries In Center Valley, PA That Should Always Have A Commercial Automatic Standby Generator

7 Industries In Center Valley, PA That Should Always Have A Commercial Automatic Standby Generator

Avoid A Power Outage Nightmare With A Backup Emergency Generator

Commercial automatic standby generators aren’t just a nice plus for these seven Center Valley, PA industries – here at Shafnisky Electric, we understand that reliable backup power is essential to your business.

Ever experienced a power outage?

It’s a frantic hustle when the lights go out and appliances turn off, whether at home or in a commercial setting.

When you’re at home, a power outage is annoying but usually manageable. Grab some flashlights, hope your devices are charged, and you can usually wait it out. However, these seven industries will grind to a halt without emergency backup power.

At Shafnisky Electric, we have over 35 years of experience on projects of every scale. We are the top commercial-scale provider of electric services in the Lehigh County Area.

Our experienced electricians at Shafnisky Electric can install the perfect backup power solutions for these seven essential industries and more:

  1. Telecommunications and broadcasting
  2. Information Technology
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Agriculture
  5. Healthcare
  6. Retail
  7. Food

While power interruptions are always a headache, in any of these seven industries a power outage is an emergency.

Telecommunications and Broadcasting Industries: Automatic Standby Generators Ensure Media Services Continue Without A Hitch

What causes power outages?

Most power outages are caused by weather events. While things like overload or accidents can cause power outages, the vast majority are caused by storms and wind.

Imagine being caught in a power outage without any updates on severe weather – and no way to communicate over the phone.

When there is a weather emergency, we rely on radio, television, and cell phone service to keep us up to date.

That’s why telecommunications and broadcasting industries in Center Valley, PA need commercial automatic standby generators. There is no way to keep everyone informed without a reliable source of power!

Information Technology Services Could Go Offline Without Backup Power

We’ve all needed a little help figuring out computer issues at some point or another. In a power outage, why does the IT and data service industry still need power?

IT doesn’t just involve troubleshooting computer issues. Data services keep systems running and process all sorts of digital information, from messages to financial transactions.

With all the information stored online nowadays, secure and efficient digital services are a necessity. Data service centers in the Lehigh County Area rely on backup power to keep online services running.

Meet Manufacturing Quotas With A Commercial Automatic Standby Generator

Manufacturing companies are some of the top employers in Lehigh County Area. Not only does having an emergency standby generator mean uninterrupted workflow, but backup power keeps companies on track with production.

If manufacturing gets interrupted, all the services down the line are affected. Just a small interruption in production can cause products to go out of stock for days or weeks.

The Agriculture Industry Needs Backup Power To Keep Crops And Livestock Healthy

It’s a nightmare for farmers when the power goes out. Livestock barns could lose ventilation, automatic feeders stop working, and water pumps and heat turn off. With no backup power, farms can lose a lot of money.

A commercial automatic standby generator kicks in right away to ensure crops and livestock stay healthy. Especially during harvest or livestock turnover, it’s important to have reliable backup power in the agriculture industry.

Beyond the actual farm, agricultural product processing relies on backup power. Products in any stage of processing can spoil in a power outage without an emergency standby generator.

Standby Generators Save Lives In The Healthcare Industry

Imagine having a loved one in surgery when the power goes out. It’s pretty clear why an automatic standby generator is necessary in a hospital.

Commercial automatic standby generators aren’t just convenient in healthcare, they save lives.

In a hospital, everything from lighting to monitors needs power.

If an outage was caused by severe weather, it’s even more important that Center Valley, PA healthcare systems have an emergency generator. Injuries increase when the weather gets worse. Backup generators make it possible for doctors and nurses to keep treating patients regardless of what’s going on outside.

Keep Security Systems Running With A Backup Generator For The Retail Industry

Why should stores in the Lehigh County Area have a commercial automatic standby generator?

Well, it’s clear that backup power keeps a store open during a power outage. Customers can still come and go, and nobody starts panicking if the lights go out. Even registers and card readers often rely on electricity.

But maybe even more important, an emergency generator keeps retail security systems running. Retail centers and inventory spaces need to protect products during a power outage. Both access control systems and security cameras need a steady source of power during an outage.

Commercial Automatic Standby Generators Keep Food Fresh In A Power Outage

Ever come home and realize you’ve left your refrigerator open?

It’s never fun to sort through heat-spoiled food in your own home. Imagine how much of a pain that is on a larger scale.

Commercial automatic standby generators are key in the food industry to keep food fresh. Not only do automatic standby power generators prevent food waste, but they also ensure food safety. Many food products need to be stored at a certain temperature or humidity to stay safe to eat.

If a power outage was caused by severe weather, emergency generators are even more important in the food industry. Access to food can be interrupted by weather events, so it is vital that grocery stores and restaurants can stay open to feed people.

At Shafnisky Electric, we have years of experience installing commercial automatic standby generators including top brands:

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Generac
  • Kohler

Our team of electrical experts makes sure no detail gets missed so you can rely on your standby generator in an emergency. We even have 24/7 emergency services so if something goes wrong with your generator, you know who to call.

We are so confident in our installation, we offer a 2 year warranty on our work, and a lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship.

If you want to install or update an automatic commercial standby generator in Center Valley, PA, contact Shafnisky Electric at (610) 435-2237 for a complete installation plan.

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