Do You Need Emergency Electrical Service?

What Is Considered An Electrical Emergency In Whitehall, PA?

Times You Should Place A Call For 24-Hour Emergency Service

Any electrical incident that places your home and family at risk is an electrical emergency that requires 24-hour emergency service in Whitehall, PA.

With more families working from home and in need of electricity, an electrical emergency can be as simple as a power outage.

Let’s dive into what is an electrical emergency that requires a call to a trusted electrician in your area.

Isolated Power Outage In Whitehall, PA

The first thing you should do after a power outage occurs is determine if it impacts only your home or if your neighbors have also lost their power.

This can be as simple as looking out your window or calling your neighbor. If you see their lights are still lit up, then you likely have an electrical emergency.

If the power outage is not isolated, meaning the power is out for the entire neighborhood, then there is likely an issue with the power grid or power lines. In this case, you should call your electrical supplier for more information.

However, an isolated power outage will not fix itself — you must call an electrician to diagnose and fix the issue. There are many potential causes for an isolated power outage, from damaged wiring to overloading the electrical system.

Electrical Fire Of Any Size

An electrical fire is a serious situation. If one occurs, you will need to dial 911 immediately. Once the fire department puts the fire out entirely, call an electrician who offers 24-hour emergency service. They will first diagnose the cause of the fire, such as:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Electrical overload
  • Outdated electrical systems
  • Damaged electrical cords or appliances

Regardless of the cause, one thing is for certain — an emergency electrician is needed to fix the issue. Otherwise, you run the risk of another electrical fire that could destroy your home. The repairs may involve replacing damaged wires, cords, and appliances or replacing your outdated electrical system entirely.

Burning Smell Or Smoke In Your Lehigh County Home

Burning odors and smoke are some of the most obvious signs that you have an electrical emergency that requires 24-hour emergency service.

This is especially the case if the burning odor comes from electrical wires, outlets, or appliances. It will smell like burning metal or plastic, which is a different smell than burning food. You may also see brownish spots on your outlets from electrical burns.

If you notice burning odors, smoke, or visible signs of electrical overheating, be sure to cut off all power and call your emergency electrician right away. They can diagnose the issue, make repairs, and ensure an electrical fire does not break out inside your home.

Short Or Overloaded Circuit In Your Whitehall, PA Home

A circuit is a closed pathway that allows for electricity flow, enabling lights, devices, and appliances to operate. A short circuit occurs when the electricity flows down the wrong pathway. An overloaded circuit occurs when too many appliances take electricity from the same circuit.

If short circuits or overloads regularly occur, then it could lead to overheating and electrical fires. For example, if the breaker fails, then it would not cut off the excess electricity flow when a circuit becomes overloaded, leading to serious concerns.

Due to the dangers, you should call an emergency electrician. In many cases, electrical upgrades, repairs, and rewiring are necessary to ensure your box can handle the amount of electricity you use.

Flickering Lights In Your Lehigh County Home

Flickering lights in your home indicate a faulty connection within your electrical system. There could also be an issue with the wiring that is causing lights (and appliances) to flicker on and off.

Although it may not seem serious, the underlying concern could be dangerous. It is best to call an electrician to have the situation quickly assessed and serviced.

Shafnisky Electric Is There When You Need
Us With 24-Hour Emergency Service

Shafnisky Electric provides 24-hour emergency service for home and business owners in the Lehigh County Area. If you call with an emergency, we call back within 30 minutes — no matter the time or day.

We understand the importance of a reliable electrical system, and we are here to ensure you do not go a single second longer than you have to without safe and reliable power. Call us today with any of your electrical concerns.

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