Electrical Projects You Should Never DIY

Electrical Projects And Service Upgrades
You Should Never Try To Do By
Yourself In Hellertown, PA

Avoid These Electrical Service
Upgrades For Your Safety

For someone who is relatively handy, it may be tempting to perform an electrical service upgrade on their Hellertown, PA home. You may think it will save you money, or you can complete such a project quickly. However, that is often not the case. It frequently costs you time, money, and aggravation far in excess than if you had hired a professional.

Moreover, electricity is not something to tinker with unless you are an expert and have the necessary know-how and tools to do it safely. You could shock or electrocute yourself, damage the electrical system, or even start a fire in the home. That’s why you should always contact a licensed professional to handle the electrical projects listed below.

Electrical Projects In Northampton County That
Require The Help Of A Professional

Even if you are normally handy around the house, you should not try to handle the following electrical projects yourself. Instead, hire a professional electrician for assistance. Below are some common projects you should not attempt to DIY.

Service Upgrades

The electrical service of your home is a collection of components like the meter, service lines, and the electrical panel through which the house connects to your municipality’s power grid. The connection occurs either through an upright mast called a weatherhead that leads to a high-voltage line or through an underground conduit that leads to a transformer.

Service upgrades are often necessary to enable the home’s electrical system to power the multiplying number of modern devices.

For instance, older homes’ electrical systems were designed to power far fewer appliances than modern life requires. Entertainment, communications, and computing equipment may have been nonexistent when the system was installed. The same is true of electric vehicles and other battery-powered devices that require frequent charging.

You should never DIY a service upgrade because the amperage it carries is extremely high and could be deadly. Furthermore, it is not as protected against shock as the lights of your home are. Unless you are an expert electrician, you shouldn’t meddle with a service upgrade.

Electrical switch replacement

Replacing Switches

Most people can safely replace the switch or outlet plate as part of a change in decor. However, it is wise to avoid replacing the switch or outlet itself. It may look simple, but the wiring is more complex than you might imagine. This is particularly true of dimmer switches and devices or lights that are controlled by multiple switches.

If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you could create a fire hazard or zap yourself. Even experienced electricians may find such projects tricky, and they have every tool they need at hand. You, on the other hand, may not. You might not even find them all at the hardware store. It’s best to let professionals tackle such jobs.

Weatherhead Maintenance

The weatherhead, or service head, is a rounded, waterproof metal or plastic cap. It is the entry point where electricity from power lines enters the building. It contains considerable amperage and is thus potentially deadly.

It normally never needs much attention, but weather events like high winds and ice storms can damage it. Falling tree branches can crack it or loosen the connections that anchor the service mast to the home. If this should occur, hire an experienced electrician.

Replacing Outlets

As with a bad switch, you might be tempted to try and replace a faulty electrical outlet. Outlets fail for numerous reasons. For instance, if you plug in too many appliances into a single outlet, the power draw could cause the outlet to overheat. It could also burn out during a power surge from your electric company, or lightning strikes a nearby transformer.

Signs of a bad outlet include the following:

  • It smells of smoke or burning.
  • The connected appliance(s) will not turn on.
  • The electrical outlet plate feels hot to the touch.
  • Scorch or burn marks appear on the outside of the outlet plate.

Like electrical switches, electrical outlet replacement is more difficult than it might first seem. That is why you should leave it to a professional electrician. Attempting a DIY outlet project could result in you receiving a shock, damaging the wiring, worsening the problem, or creating a fire hazard.

Contact Shafnisky Electric For A Service Upgrade
Or Another Of The Above Risky Tasks

If you need a service upgrade, weatherhead maintenance, or a switch or outlet replacement, contact Shafnisky Electric in Hellertown, PA today. Our team of friendly, helpful electricians is ready to help you through any electrical failure or situation. We are prompt, experienced, and dedicated to keeping you satisfied. Call us at (610) 435-2237 to schedule a free consultation.

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