How Homes Are Wired For Service Upgrades

Understanding How Homes Are Wired For
Your Service Upgrade In Hellertown, PA

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard When Upgrading
Your Electrical Service

Home wiring can be complex, but it’s important to understand how it works before investing in a service upgrade in Hellertown, PA. Homes are usually wired through a network of connected circuits. These circuits give electricity to different things, such as your outlets, fixtures, and various appliances.

The following guide explains how homes are wired and what homeowners should be aware of when it comes to home wiring. We’ll also explore what goes into service upgrades and when to upgrade your home.

Hellertown Home Wiring Is Tied To The Service Entrance

Your home’s power supply usually comes from a utility company. This is provided through either an overhead or underground service. The service entrance is the precise point where your home is connected to the grid. It’s responsible for providing all of the power to your home.

Within your home is your service panel, also known as a circuit breaker box. These boxes are the distribution point for all the electrical power that runs through your home. Within the box, you’ll see circuit breakers, which determine how much electricity flows to various circuits of your home.

Throughout your home, there is electrical wiring that’s distributed. This comes in the form of branch circuits. Each branch circuit is tied to a certain part of your home or a set number of devices. They are all kept safe by your circuit breaker.

Outlets And Switches Allow Power In
Northampton County Home Wiring

Your outlets and switches connect various devices to your home’s electricity. Switches can provide or take power away from something, and outlets can directly provide power to something plugged into the electrical socket. An interesting thing to remember about outlets is that they can be wired in parallel, which means they can receive power separately.

How Devices In Your Hellertown Home Stay Powered

There are different ways that fixtures and appliances are powered throughout your home. Typically, lighting fixtures are connected to your electrical system and powered by a switch. There are lighting circuits specifically made to handle the requirements of connected lighting fixtures.

The other devices that are typically wired in your home are appliances. Major appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, and washing machine have dedicated circuits because of their specific power requirements. These devices may have a high amperage or require special outlets.

Homes also have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors connected to the electrical system, which help increase the safety of the residents.

Finally, your home will most likely be powered by various communication devices. This includes your telephone, television, and internet. Communication cables facilitating the use of these devices may differ from your standard electrical outlet.

Keeping Your Hellertown Home Protected

To ensure your home’s safety with the large amount of electricity that can potentially run through it, homes have safety features in place. Your home is grounded, which is the process of connecting your electrical system to the ground through conductors or other grounding devices.

Finding Service Upgrades For Your Home

Today, homes typically need much more electricity than in the past. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have several electric devices that require power beyond the standard home appliances.

Most homes require 100-amps or 200-amps for all of their electrical needs. If your home cannot sustain your electrical needs, consider working with professional electricians to give your home the service upgrade it needs. They can give you various means to take advantage of the power grid and sustain your home while meeting today’s power needs.

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