How To Charge An Electric Vehicle At Home

Get The Most Out Of Your Electric Vehicle
By Charging It At Home in Macungie, PA

The Benefits Of Charging Your
Electric Vehicle At Home

Electric vehicles are a convenient method of transportation that’s increasingly becoming more accessible. The biggest hurdle for many electric vehicle owners is convenient charging. While public electric vehicle charging stations are available in some areas in Macungie, PA, they can be difficult to find or overcrowded.

It’s a lot more convenient to have a charging station in your own home. By charging your electric vehicle at home, you can save time and energy, and you can ensure your vehicle is always charged fully before going out and starting your day.

Installing An Electric Vehicle Charging
Station in Your Home

If you’re interested in charging an electric vehicle at home, you’ll need a charging station installed. There are several options available across brands and types. For a home electric vehicle charger, you’ll need a level 2, which can be installed by licensed, professional electricians in the Lehigh County area.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle At Home

Charging your electric vehicle at home is relatively simple. You must plug your charger into an outlet and then proceed to connect to your vehicle. Some vehicles have additional smart features and even apps that keep you up to date on your vehicle’s charge level. You’ll need to refer to your vehicle’s manual to find out what apps and features are available for charging.

Check Your Home’s Voltage For Your Charger

If you’re using a level 1 charger, you should be able to connect your charger to any outlet in your home to power your vehicle. However, if you’re using a level 2 charger, you’ll need at least 240 volts available to charge it properly.

If your home isn’t capable of currently housing a charger, you can reach out to a local licensed electrician to help with an electrical system upgrade.

Select the Right Electric Vehicle Charger

You’ll choose from either a level 1 or level 2 charger for your home. Level 1 chargers come standard with your vehicle and connect to any outlet. These chargers take around 8 to 12 hours to fill a depleted battery.

Level 2 chargers take around 4 to 5 hours to charge your vehicle to around 80%. If you drive frequently, it’s best to use a level 2 charger to keep your vehicle charged.

Keep in mind that not all chargers are compatible with all vehicles. If you install a level 2 charger in your home, confirm with a professional to make sure your charging station is compatible with your vehicle.

Choose Your Charger’s Location

Choose a convenient location where you can easily reach your vehicle. Many homeowners choose their garage or a location near their driveway. If you choose your garage, you can protect your charger from weather and outside damage. When your charger is located outside, take precautions to protect it from the elements to prolong its lifespan.

Check Your EV’s Charging Level

As your vehicle charges, make sure to check its level. Some electric vehicles require you to check your charger or vehicle to see when it is fully charged. However, there are many models that allow you to check your vehicle’s charging level through an app. Once your vehicle is fully charged, make sure to disconnect it.

Tips for Charging Your Electric Vehicle
At Home in Macungie, PA

Once you’ve installed your electric vehicle charging station, you have a convenient means of keeping your vehicle charged constantly in the Lehigh County area. In order to take full advantage of your charging station, follow the tips below:

  • Reach out to your utility company: See if there are any deals or incentives associated with an electric vehicle charging station in your area.
  • Charge at specific times: Charge your vehicle when rates are low to save on electricity. This can lead to significant annual savings on your utility bill.
  • Keep equipment covered: Even if your charging station is located outdoors, keep it covered or protected from the elements to ensure its longevity.
  • Inspect components: Regularly check your cables for any signs of wear and tear. This may reduce its effectiveness or prevent your vehicle from charging altogether.
  • Check capacity: Always be aware of your EV’s charging capacity so you don’t overload your home’s electrical system.

Call Our Professional Electricians for Your EV
Station Home Installation in Macungie, PA

Several benefits come with an electric vehicle charging station placed in your own home, from the convenience to the faster charging times. You also reduce the need for a public charging station in the Lehigh County area. The best way to take full advantage of your electric vehicle is to have a home charging station at your disposal.

Avoid the hassle of figuring out wiring, gathering components, and more by working with Shafnisky Electric and our team of licensed electricians. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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