Myths About EV Charging Setups

7 Electric Vehicle Charging
Setup Myths In Easton, PA

Misconceptions About EV
Charging Station Setups

An electric vehicle charging setup in Easton, PA can benefit your life if you own an EV, but it’s likely you’ve heard a lot of false information about adding a charging setup to your home. Because of the relatively new technology, there are many myths milling about these at-home or even commercial setups in small business settings.

Shafnisky Electric was there when it all started with EVs, and we are still installing EV charging stations. We love helping customers stay informed about the dangers and misconceptions about EV charging setups.

An EV Charging Setup Is Expensive

You can get an EV charging setup at your home for under $2000. This saves you a lot of money on energy because you can charge your car at home, saving you money on each charge. The cost of charging at a public station is at least twice as much – likely more – as charging your car at home. The more you drive, the faster it pays off, but in some areas, you’ll get your money back quickly by saving on public charging fees, registration/app fees, and parking fees.

Remodeling Is Required For An At-Home EV Charging Setup In Easton, PA

It is possible you need a very small amount of work on your home to ensure your EV charger is safe. However, it’s highly unlikely you need a remodeling crew sent out to change things up. Chances are, your garage already has the required electrical setup, which can be used by a qualified electrician to get everything started. It is important that an electrician installs your EV setup, but the process is quite simple.

An EV Charger Setup Drains The Electricity Grid

This makes sense at first, but the truth is that at-home EV charging can actually reduce the impact on the grid and even turn around to make a positive difference. The main reason for this is that the energy use is spread out rather than concentrated on business hours, or rather, the peak hours when businesses open and the time right after work. The balance of supply and demand is beneficial to local grids.

An EV Charger Setup Drains The Electricity Grid

Though there’s more than one type of charger your Tesla or BMW can use, there isn’t cross-compatibility across the board. It’s important to check compatibility on your car or charger’s manual. Think of it like a phone charger. You have Type C, Type B, and so on. Each phone doesn’t have a unique port, but they’re not all the same. Some phones also charge faster with the charger they came with or one just like it, even if they share a port type with another phone.

EV Charger Setup Stations Take Too Long

Do EV chargers at home take longer than public stations? Sometimes. This all depends on the type of charger you have at home and the one you usually use at the business. It’s possible the charger is the same, especially if they are both level 2 chargers.

The difference is that level 3 DC chargers are only approved for commercial use. That said, these “fast chargers” aren’t necessarily better. They may wear down your battery and shorten its lifespan, which costs you thousands. An at-home charger that is properly installed won’t do this.

Commercial EV Chargers Are Pointless For Small Businesses

If you do have a business and are considering an EV charger, it may be a good move. Not only does it open your business up for EV customers, but it also shows that your company is keeping up with the world around it. You control how much you, customers, and employees pay for the energy. While the additional revenue is reason enough, your employees will also benefit if they use EVs. Consider it a perk!

EV Charging Setups Are Still Bad For The Environment

Most of the electricity used to power these vehicles comes from renewable or clean energy sources. With more turbines and wind farms being utilized, you can feel better knowing that the added energy use isn’t coming from fossil fuels.

Shafnisky Electric has an array of at-home and commercial charging setup options for your electric vehicle. Call us about your EV charging station today at 610-435-2237 for afree estimate.

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