Reasons Your Generator Won’t Start

Why Won’t My Generator Start
In Northampton, PA?

Reasons Your Generator
Is Causing You Issues

Residential automatic standby generators in Northampton, PA may not always start. But there are only a few issues that will cause a generator to refuse to start up.

Shafnisky Electric, home to Master Electricans, knows all about issues with home generators. We receive calls about generators not starting regularly, and here are the primary causes.

No Fuel Or Old Fuel In Home Back-Up Generator

Low fuel is one of the main causes of a generator not starting. It’s also one of the easiest things to fix. If your generator runs on gas, check the levels and fill it up if needed. For propane generators, check the fuel level and the connections and ensure all valves are open.

If you haven’t used the generator or gas in more than a couple of months, it’s best to drain it and put in new gas. Old gas can tear up the engine and eventually shut your generator down. It’s also a reason that the generator won’t start.

Clogged Filter In Your Automatic Generator

It’s possible that either your air filter or oil filter is clogged, inhibiting the generator from starting. Adjusting the choke may fix the issue, but it’s best to get a better look at the filter by removing and replacing it if it looks dirty. Replacing a filter is usually better than cleaning it, but it’s worth trying to clean it first.

Dead Battery In Your Household Standby Generator

Generator batteries can die, just like any other type of battery. If you have a battery charger, use it to charge your battery. In some cases, you can jump the battery with your car battery.

If a jump and charge don’t fix the issue, it’s likely a battery without any more juice. Dispose of it properly, according to local codes, and get a new battery for your generator.

Loose Parts In Your Home Standby Generator

There are many loose parts that may cause a generator to stop working. The first one is the battery connection. If that looks good and everything you have a clear view of seems tight, you’ll probably have to call a professional electrician to ensure everything else is checked safely.

Spark Plug Issues In Northampton, PA

Dirty or damaged spark plugs can cause an array of issues with your residential generator. First, clean it off. If debris won’t come off or the spark plug seems damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Use the owner’s manual for your new spark plugs, or consult a professional electrician to ensure you replace the spark plugs properly.

Problems With Home Generator Oil

If the oil is low or out, it can cause the generator to shut down and stop working. Check your oil regularly with a dipstick to ensure your generator doesn’t burn up. Make sure you replace oil with the right type because oil that goes against the manufacturer’s recommendations may cause even more problems.

If you’re unsure which type of oil to use, call the manufacturer or a professional electrician specializing in residential generators. In case of an emergency generator issue, Shafnisky Electric has electricians on call 24/7.

Carburetor Causing Residential Generator Issues

A clogged or damaged carburetor may prevent fuel from getting through. Close the fuel valve and begin with simply cleaning the carburetor. If you have any issues or need further assistance, it’s best to contact a professional before you try anything new.

Overloading Your Northampton, PA Generator

An overloaded system will shut down a generator or stop it from starting in the first place. Make sure you know how much your generator can handle before you turn it on. It’s possible you’re running it with too many appliances.

You may even need an upgrade. New types of residential automatic standby generators in Northampton County are hitting the market all the time. Shafnisky Electric is here to help you pick out the best generator for the job, ensuring your generator always starts.

If it doesn’t, we’re on call to help you fix the problem and get you up and running again. For more information and a free estimate, call Shafnisky Electric today at (610) 435-2237.

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