Requirements For Billboard Lighting In Emmaus, PA

The Requirements For Billboard
Lighting In Emmaus, PA

The Proper Billboard Lighting
Will Highlight Your Business

For businesses that utilize Emmaus, PA billboard lighting, it can be difficult to determine the best lights to showcase the sign and balance the cost.

Business owners in the Lehigh County area want their billboards to be an effective means of reaching the public for the service or product they offer. The good news is that billboards are highly effective forms of advertising!

Business owners also want their billboards to be fully visible, even at night, meaning lights have to be used. The key is finding a balance between highly effective lighting and the cost of running these lights.

That is where a prominent electric team on your side will ensure the best billboard lighting that is also cost-effective.

Requirements For Billboard Lighting In Emmaus, PA

The local and federal governments dictate lighting for billboards. Each state can have its own rules that may be stricter than what the federal government requires.

Each locality can specify where a billboard can be placed. In most cases, a billboard cannot be placed within 400 feet of a residential area. In addition, a lighted billboard cannot be placed within 1,000 feet of a limited access highway or a merging lane.

No light can exceed 30 vertical footcandles when the sky is dark to avoid affecting drivers. In addition, no light source should exceed 500 lamp lumens per square foot of the sign.

Some localities may state that the floodlights must be installed on the billboard’s top rather than at the foot of the sign. This is because lights installed on the foot of the sign can light up the sky, affecting planes in the area.

Lighted signs should be extinguished at a decent time frame. Most business owners have the lights turned off when their business is closed.

Signs should be dimmed 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise to a rate of 5% of what the sign is illuminated during the daylight.

If a billboard has a message that is animated, the message should last at most eight seconds. Plus, there are even regulations on how the billboard can be placed. For example, every billboard should be a minimum distance of 1,200 feet from another billboard.

There are many requirements to consider that can change depending on where your billboard is placed. Why so many requirements?

Ideally, the light rules are to ensure safety for the general public. Luckily, with these rules in place, most business owners find a reduction in energy costs since their lights will not be on 24/7.

The Types Of Billboard Lighting Available

There are several types of lighting available to use with billboards. Reflective tape is used and illuminates only when lights hit the billboard. It is an older method that is seen less now.

The lights inside your home are bulbs that were once used on billboards. However, they don’t last long and can become expensive to keep changing.

Fast forward a bit, and neon, quartz, and halogen lights were standard with billboards from the 1920s to the 1960s.

The most commonly seen lighting options are floodlights and spotlights that can be installed on the bottom or top of the billboard. They are relatively easy to install and light up a sign, hence their popularity.

Those inner illuminated signs have a thin vinyl covering for the sign with lights behind it to light up the message.

For the most part, in our area, we see a lot of LED and illuminated signs, with several billboards using floodlights or spotlights.

Issues With Improper Billboard Lighting

What happens when a billboard is not lit properly? There can be numerous issues. For one, if you are found to have a billboard that is violating the requirements, you may end up paying a fee.

In worst-case scenarios, you may find that you are no longer allowed to have a billboard for your business, or you could be held liable if your sign is found to have caused a traffic accident.

Of course, when you have a billboard that is not properly lit, you may find that it does not have the desired effects. For example, if not enough lights are used on the billboard, you could find it does not attract the attention that you had hoped. Hence, the entire advertising has been ineffective.

Therefore, to avoid any legal or advertising issues, it is always best to work with a professional who knows what is needed.

How A Professional Electric Team Can Help
With Billboard Lighting

Having a professional on your side when you are diving into billboard lighting will ensure your billboard meets all the requirements of your local area while getting your message across. Without a professional, there are too many ways in which it can go wrong and eventually hurt your business.

There is no reason to take the chance that your billboard is not well received or violates any regulations in place.

Free Quotes For Your Billboard Lighting In Emmaus, PA

If you are ready to add lights to an existing billboard or a new billboard you want to design, we are here to offer amazing billboard lighting in Emmaus, PA. Shafnisky Electric has been in business for over 35 years and is the professional that businesses call for their billboard lighting needs.

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