Time To Update Your Commercial Automatic Standby Generator

5 Benefits Of Updating Your Stroudsburg, PA
Commercial Automatic Standby Generator

Learn Why It May Be Time To Update
Your Monroe County Generator

How old is your Stroudsburg, PA commercial automatic standby generator? Believe it or not, a generator is not something that is meant to have an endless life.

These units become outdated and can cost you more in the long run if you choose to let them live past their lifespan. That is why every business owner needs to know when to ditch the old generator and install a new one.

But why do this? Check out these five benefits that come with updating your commercial automatic standby generator!

1. Improve The Safety Of Your Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

If your commercial generator is quite a few years old, then chances are the safety and security of it isn’t as good as it should be. Technology has evolved over the years, and new generators are much safer than those of the past.

Updating an older generator ensures there are no surprises that could affect your business. Those who install a generator and never update it are at risk of their business being affected. For example, the generator may not kick on when it should. It may allow too much power into the building, resulting in fire and damage to your business.

Ultimately, keeping your generator updated is not only going to ensure your generator works as it should, but it will also keep you safe.

2. Ensure Environmental Compliance Of Your Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

An older commercial generator is not compliant with environmental standards, especially if your generator is decades old. While environmental compliance may not be enforced during evaluations, it is still something that businesses should be concerned about.

If your old generator is using an alternative fuel like natural gas, diesel, or propane, then you want to get the most out of these fuels. Sadly, an older unit is not usually getting the most of these fuels, meaning that your business is attributing to greenhouse effects more so than someone with an updated generator.

In addition, when you decide to go with a new generator to replace your old one, you can opt for a fuel source that burns more cleanly. Natural gas is known for burning cleaner than diesel and other fuel sources, which can be one way for your business to be more green!

3. Peace Of Mind You Are Protected During A
Stroudsburg, PA Power Outage

Are you confident that your generator is going to turn on and run your business in the event of a power outage? If you have any doubts, then it may be time to update your generator.

An older generator may need repairs or upgrades that help it to be more reliable. While a repair can be made, do you really have faith that your generator is going to work when it needs to?

That is why many people opt to install a new generator when their old one becomes outdated and unreliable.

4. See Savings With An Updated Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

An old commercial automatic standby generator will cost you more fuel since it may be using outdated technology. A newer generator will be more energy-efficient. It will allow you to see savings when the fuel bill comes in.

While you have to pay for an updated generator for your business, in the end, the savings you see on your utilities may pay for it within a few uses.

5. Updated Technology Features On Commercial Automatic
Standby Generators Can Save You

Older units do not have some technology features that have been known to save a business owner. For example, a low oil sensor that turns the generator off so there is no damage to the generator is a relatively new technology used on generators.

For business owners, that means that your generator does not run without oil, which can blow the entire unit.

Other technical features of newer generators include better voltage control to ensure there are no power surges. And as we all know, a power surge can wreak havoc on your business.

When Is It Time To Update Your Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator?

Ideally, when your generator is over ten years of age, it has become outdated. This may mean you can’t count on it, or it costs you more in the long run.

In addition, those units over ten years of age may require more frequent repairs, and the performance may be like flipping a coin – sometimes it works, other times it does not.

For this reason, after ten years, when you start to see more things needing to be done to your generator for it to work, it is time to update the entire system!

Free Quotes For Your Stroudsburg, PA Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

If your Stroudsburg, PA business has a commercial automatic standby generator that is getting old, it may be time to update it. Shafnisky Electric works with commercial generators and will be more than happy to determine what you really need to ensure your business is protected during a power outage.

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