Upgrading Your Electrical Panel To Increase Home’s Value

Do Service Upgrades On Your Electric Panel
Increase Your Hellertown, PA Home Value?

Why A Service Upgrade Could Be The Answer To
Selling Your Home In Northampton County Area

Completing service upgrades in Hellertown, PA, through Shafnisky Electric may be just what you need to increase your home’s value. Upgrading your electrical panel increases the value of your home for a multitude of reasons.

It adds monetary value by adding energy efficiency and keeping up with codes, but it also adds surprising value related to safety and insurance. Upgrading your electrical panel is a good move, whether you move or not.

Safety Of An Electrical Service Upgrades

Every step you take in making your house safer increases its value. People want to know if the house they are interested in is safe, especially when it comes to electrical systems.

Not only does a safe house sell for more, but without a service upgrade, there’s a risk of electrical damage before your house sells, which decreases its value and allure.

At Shafnisky, we believe every home should feel safe, and we believe in our work. That’s why we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our projects and a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. You shouldn’t have to worry about a new system, and we ensure you never have to worry that your project isn’t in good hands – which is peace of mind that should carry on long after we leave.

Increase Energy Efficiency By Upgrading
Your Electrical Service

Another reason that a new electrical panel increases the value of your home is due to energy efficiency. New systems are built differently. They are designed to be as energy efficient as possible given the amperage.

The value of your home can increase with a new system because the long-term costs are cheaper for potential buyers. Both realtors and buyers keep this in mind when someone is shopping for a new home.

A Service Upgrade Looks Better

Although other upgrades, like flooring and countertops, are obvious aesthetic improvements, a new electrical panel can be, too. Though your electrical panel may be hidden in a utility closet, it’s still worth it if the system looks sleek and clean.

But it’s really the exterior electrical system that people notice, which may stick out and reduce curb appeal. Potential buyers tend to survey the exterior of each home they view, and a bulky, outdated electrical box may turn them away.

Add New Appliances When You Complete A Service Upgrade

People like to have the option to upgrade their appliances or bring their shiny new appliances to their new homes. If your home is running on an old electrical system, it is equivalent to having an outdated kitchen, which brings down the value of your home.

It’s A Service Upgrade

One of the main reasons that upgrading your electrical panel increases the value of your home is because it’s just that – an upgrade.

Upgrades let people know you’re taking care of your house and that what they can’t see is in good condition.

Pass Inspections By Upgrading Your Electrical Service

Every electrical panel upgrade in Hellertown, PA requires an official inspection to finalize. When you upgrade your electrical panel, you receive paperwork that has proof your home passed an inspection. This paperwork means a lot in the world of real estate.

Decrease Insurance Premiums With A Service Upgrade

Electrical service upgrades may lower insurance premiums for your home insurance and the insurance for the potential buyer if they follow through. This is a great way to increase the value of your home by decreasing payments for the home.

Surpass The Expectations Of Potential
Surveys With A Service Upgrade

When you have a potential buyer who is working with someone like Veterans Affairs, the standards are much higher. Your home has to pass new inspections, which will be the difference between you selling your house to that buyer or letting it sit on the market.

Realtors look at this when they help you list your house. They use details from new inspections to broaden the crowd of people they show your house to, which means your home is more likely to sell faster.

Do you want to increase the value of your home in Hellertown, PA with an electrical service upgrade from Shafnisky Electric? Get in touch with us for a free quote. We have a team of real people who answer your inquiry and treat you with compassion and care from the very first time you reach out.

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