What Is An Electrical Panel Upgrade Process?

What Is Included In An Electric Panel
Service Upgrade In Hellertown, PA?

Keeping Your Northampton Home Safe
With Electrical Service Upgrades

Shafnisky Electric is one of the leading electrical service upgrade companies in Hellertown, PA. We have over 35 years of experience in electrical services and are always on hand to keep your home safe and running at its best.

Upgrading your electrical panel can bring your home up to code and even increase its value. Not only are old electrical systems annoying with dimming lights and flipping breakers, but they may also be dangerous. But when you take that step to upgrade your electrical panel in Northampton County, it’s good to know what’s included in your service.

After all, you’re paying for a service and deserve to know what to expect when we get there and what is included in an electrical service upgrade. With one service, you can expect a full upgrade from getting permits to ensuring your home electric system is working its best.

Professionals With Permits For Service Upgrades

All electrical upgrades done by anyone in Northampton County need a permit. The first thing we do when we start working with you is get the proper permits from the local municipality.

The municipality needs to know the size, location, and subpanel information for each electrical upgrade in Hellertown, PA. We get that sent off, and after approval goes through, we schedule a visit with you. Once we arrive, we ensure it’s a good time for you to turn off the power. The utility company then disconnects the power cables from your system.

Upgrading Your Electrical Service
Starts With Old Wiring Removal

After the power is off, rewiring begins. Before we can connect anything new, we have to remove the main components of your old system. This includes the old panel and subpanels, likely your meter, and finally, the wiring.

It’s possible your service mast also needs to be replaced, but that is a rare occasion. It’s something that you are responsible for, rather than the county, and we can help you out if the need arises.

Possible Relocation During A Service Upgrade

It’s possible your electrical panel system needs to be relocated. This could be to avoid code violations or because the new system is larger, and thus, the old spot isn’t big enough. This is unlikely, but it’s good to know and to have a few places in mind for us to discuss.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

After the old electrical wiring is safely removed, we begin installing the new electrical panel, along with a meter, if need be, and the wiring. We lean towards an upgrade to a 200-amp panel.

While 60-amp panels used to be standard, 100-amp panels are now required for new electrical panel upgrades in Hellertown, PA. Because of the rapidly changing home appliances, 200-amp is better.

Because the price of a 200-amp panel isn’t much more and the labor cost is the same, we recommend 200-amp for all upgrades. Chances are, your new hardwired heater or high-end oven requires 200-amp.

We Restore The Power After Upgrading Your Electrical Service

We would never leave you without power in Northampton County. So, as soon as everything is wired and safe to heat up again, we ensure the utility company reconnects your wires, and then we turn your power back on.

This is a simple process, so you won’t have to wait an entire day to get power back as if the power went out due to an incident or outage. We’ll have you up and running before the day is over.

Complete The Final Inspection After A Service Upgrade

The final step is to inspect the upgrade. We walk through each area and make sure that everything is in running order. We may flip on the lights in each room and do a quick test on your heaviest appliance. After we do a personal inspection, we have the electrical inspection agency come in and do an official inspection, which ends with the green light and official paperwork so that the job can be finalized.

Are you ready to take another step in making your Hellertown, PA home safer with Shafnisky Electric, our company that holds a Master Electrician’s License? Give us a call at (610) 435-2237 for a free quote and real people who answer the phones, treating you with respect from the get-go.

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