When Is It Time For An Electrical Service Upgrade?

When Is It Time For An Electrical Service Upgrade In Your Allentown, PA, Home?

Signs Your Home’s Electrical Service Is Outdated And Obsolete

Are you concerned about the quality of your electrical service at your Allentown, PA, home? Maintaining your electrical system is essential to having a safe, happy home. If you’re wondering when you need a service upgrade, there are several important signs to look for.

From sparking outlets to tripped breakers, we’ll cover everything you need to know to stay on top of the health of your electrical service. Read on to learn more about the signs indicating it’s time for a service upgrade.

The Age Of Your System

While an electrical service can go decades without technically needing to be rewired, homes that are 30 or more years old and still have the original system installed are at severe risk for problems. These systems are outdated according to modern times.

Today, you’ll find most homes operate on a 200-amp service, which can accommodate our increased use of electronics. These older homes can have as low as 60 or 100-amp service installed, making them incapable of supporting the load your modern appliances will place on them.

If you have an older home and the electrical service is the original, it’s time to consider upgrading to 200-amp service. This panel will allow more circuits to be connected and can support the increased load of modern appliances without a problem.

The Breakers Continuously Trip

Another sign your electrical service is outdated and overworked is constantly tripping breakers. You’ll notice this more and more when you turn on high-draw appliances. If you’re spending more time at the breaker box than enjoying time at home, it’s a significant problem.

It’s crucial that you do not try to rig the breaker to stay open. They are specifically designed to open when the current becomes too powerful for the circuit. If it were forced closed and the current exceeded the wiring’s capacity, it could result in a fire.

Instead, this is the ideal time to get a service upgrade. It will ensure your appliances can operate safely without causing potential hazards that put your family at risk.

Your Electrical Service Uses Fuses

While fuse panels were seen as innovative in Lehigh County homes built before the 1960s, technology has come a long way. These fuses are now a severe fire hazard – when the fuse blows, the current passing through the circuit isn’t always cut off. It’s essential to have a fuse-powered electrical service replaced as soon as possible.

You Never Have Enough Outlets

When you find yourself reaching for an extension cord because there are never enough outlets, it’s a sign that your system is outdated and can’t handle an increase in the electrical flow. You can always consult with an Allentown, PA, electrician to see if more outlets are possible.

However, if they’re not, it’s time for a service upgrade.

The Lights Flicker Often

If your lights flicker and the problem only worsens with time, it’s likely a problem with your electrical panel. Occasionally, it can be due to other issues, such as damaged wires. But it’s always in your best interest to have an inspection completed on your service to see if an upgrade will solve your problem.

There’s A Burning Smell, Or Your Breaker Panel Is Hot

If you smell something burning and suspect it’s coming from your electrical panel, it’s essential to take action quickly, as this can lead to a serious house fire. While an electrician may be able to remedy the problem, if you suspect there’s already a fire burning in the walls, call 911 and evacuate.

On the other hand, if your circuit breaker feels hot to the touch, it can indicate a severe malfunction. You’ll need to have a Lehigh County electrician look at it immediately to see if your panel needs to be upgraded.

Your Outlets Spark When You Plug Things In

While occasional sparks from an outlet happen when plugging appliances in, you should monitor the size and frequency of the sparks. If they become large and occur more often, it’s a sign of electrical trouble. While it can be related to a wiring issue, only a professional can tell you if it’s due to needing an electrical service upgrade.

When It’s Time For An Electrical Service Upgrade At YourAllentown, PA, Home, Trust Shafnisky Electric

If you’re experiencing problems with your Allentown, PA, home’s electrical service, don’t hesitate to reach out to Shafnisky Electric. We’ll complete your service upgrade efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, safely.

We invest our time in taking classes to continue our education, ensuring we stay updated with all current technology, practices, and codes. In addition, we train all our employees monthly on the latest regulations and standards to guarantee all our projects meet the strictest requirements.

Call Shafnisky Electric today at (610) 435-2237 to schedule your service.

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