Why Get An At Home EV Charging Station

Advantages Of A Home-Based
Electric Vehicle Charging
Station In Easton, PA

Why Get An At-Home
EV Charging Setup

An electric vehicle charging setup in Easton, PAcomes with an array of benefits. While charging your vehicle at local stations does the trick most of the time, there are reasons to choose a home charging station. You can save time and money and become part of something great with such an investment.

Shafnisky Electric has served the Northampton County area for over three decades, and we love these innovative technologies. Though a business ourselves, we’re all for helping people become more self-sustainable.

The Charging Cost Difference Is Extreme
With A Home EV Charging Station

The biggest advantage of having a residential EV charging station is that you pay less for the energy you use. Public or business-owned charging stations may add a fee to the station to ensure they receive a profit. Though this makes sense, it sometimes means you pay triple or more for the charge you get.

At home, you pay for the charge alone without any extra fees, and it’s easy to monitor how much you are paying. So after you pay for the station, all you have to worry about is your electric bill.

An EV Charger Setup Is So Convenient

EV charging at home is super convenient. You have access to a charge any time, day or night. You can even leave it charging overnight, which is ideal in many cases if you have a level 1 charger.

You also gain a lot of control over your charger and its settings. You get to control when you charge, how you charge, and how long you charge.

EV Charging Station Remains In Good Condition

If you use a public station, you don’t really know the condition of it. When dozens of cars use it on a regular basis, it is quite taxing on the system. Even if it isn’t used often, a public station may not be taken care of with proper maintenance.

You have control of your at-home EV charging station. You can hire an electrician for regular maintenance and address any issues that come up. It’s important to have a professional install your charging station. It’s not safe to install your own EV charging station.

Getting A Better Charge With
An EV Charging Setup

At-home chargers are known for giving better chargers. You can ensure that there isn’t any hidden setting to limit the electrical flow or hamper the station in any way. You also know the voltage and brand so that you can use it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimal performance.

EV Charging Setups Increase Your Home’s
Value In The Northampton County Area

An EV charging setup returns your investment and then some if you sell your house. A lot of home buyers are looking for these setups, but the homes available with them are few and far between. Having the station on your property really makes you stand out.

EV Charging Setup At Home
Brings You To The Future

It is likely that these EV charging stations will be compatible with more than just cars in the future. Getting them now is a good investment, even if you plan to stay at your current house. You will be ready for the future and be part of the bigger picture of brighter days for the earth.

Your EV Charger Setup Is Always Compatible

EV chargers may or may not be compatible with your vehicle. There could be software issues, voltage issues, or something else that prevents you from using a public station. At home, you can buy a station that is 100% compatible with the electric vehicles you need charged.

Be Part Of The Local Grid With A
Easton, PA EV Charging Setup

Small grids are being built all over the United States. Easton, PA now has one that is broadening. When you choose a station for your car at home, you become part of this grid. Not only do you become part of the community, but you become more self-sustainable.

Are you ready to have a contractor install your EV charging setup in your Easton, PA home? Call Shafnisky Electric at (610) 435-2237 for a free quote!

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