Keep Your Center Valley, PA Property Running With An Automatic Standby Generator

Keep Your Center Valley, PA Property Running With An Automatic Standby Generator

Protect Your Property From A Power Loss Disaster

Power outages are a common consequence of summer and winter storms. In their most recent electric service reliability report, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission reported a record-high number of power outages in 2021.

The data shows this trend continuing due to the complications from more frequent storms. If you live in the Lehigh County area, chances are that you have experienced several power outages in the last couple of years.

These power outages can last for days or even weeks. With them come big complications. Installing a commercial automatic generator in Center Valley, PA can help you avoid the complications that come from a loss of power.

How a Commercial Automatic Standby Generator
Can Help Protect Your Business

When the power goes out, it leaves your property vulnerable in several ways. HVAC systems keep your employees and the contents of your business safe and won’t be able to run without power.

Alarm systems also keep your business safe and can’t run without power. Having an automatic generator will ensure there is no gap in coverage for the security of your property.

Being able to make calls and get emergency updates on fully charged devices like cell phones and computers is vital to safety as well as productivity. Having an automatic generator means not only never being without communication but also that you won’t lose precious hours serving your customers.

Why Commercial Automatic Standby
Generators Are A Better Option

You might be wondering why to opt for a commercial automatic standby generator over a portable generator. Portable generators run on gasoline and will generally provide about four hours of run time. After a big storm, gas may be hard to come by, and running out can be stressful.

An automatic standby generator runs on either propane or natural gas, making them cleaner, quieter, and less potentially volatile – not to mention that they will run for longer. The average model provides about 10,000 – 30,000 running hours and should last between 25–40 years.

Automatic standby generators also run on technology that will sense when power is lost and automatically start providing power to your home. This makes one less thing that you have to worry about in the event of a power loss, especially due to a storm.

What You Need To Know About Installing A
Commercial Automatic Standby Generator

There is a lot to consider when installing an automatic generator, so it helps to work with a qualified electrical contractor who has specialized knowledge.

Shafnisky Electric has 35 years of experience, and our electricians are highly qualified to help you choose and install an automatic standby generator in your Lehigh County business.

First, your generator should be installed at least five feet from all windows and doors on a pre-cast concrete slab. A natural gas line will need to be connected to power the generator. A highly skilled, qualified electrician is needed to connect a generator to your home’s power source.

Your generator will run a test each week to make sure the battery is charged, and it is running as it should. The test lasts for about 15 minutes, and then the generator will automatically shut off.

In the event that you lose power, the generator will sense it and turn on. When power is once again restored, your generator will also sense that and turn itself off.

Turn To The Professionals At Shafnisky Electric For Your
Commercial Automatic Standby Generator Needs

No one cares about your business quite like you. A commercial automatic standby generator keeps your business running safely in the event of a power outage. You won’t lose precious hours or even days of productivity and communication. They are easy to run and maintain, leaving you more time to serve your customers and clients.

Shafnisky Electric understands how you feel about your business because we feel the same about ours. Let us use our extensive experience and expertise to help you keep your business safe and running.

We can help you select the right automatic generator for your business and install it properly according to specific codes. We also offer protection and maintenance after your generator is installed.

Call us at (610) 435-2237 to find out how to get your electrical project started.

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