Why Is Your EV Charging Station Slow?

6 Things That Can Affect Your
Electric Vehicle Charging
Setup Speed In Easton, PA

Why Your EV Charging Station
Seems To Be Charging Slow

If your electric vehicle charging setup in Easton, PAseems slow, it’s not your imagination. There are multiple issues that may result in a slow charge. These issues are different from those that cause your station to stop working.

Shafnisky Electric specializes in EV charging station maintenance and installation. We offer quality electrical services to the Northampton County area and are always on call for emergencies. Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in these issues that cause slow charges for electric vehicles.

Your EV Charging Station May Charge Slow If Your Battery Is Degrading

An EV battery should be able to power your vehicle for 100,000 to 300,000 miles. If you’ve used it for that many miles, there’s a good chance that it needs to be replaced. But even if you haven’t used it that long, it is possible that the battery is degrading faster than usual.

There are many reasons this could happen. For example, using a DC charger too much can decrease its health, as can a mismatch in voltage. Because this is a costly replacement, contact a professional before replacing your old EV battery.

Your EV Charger Setup May Not Work As Well If Your Battery Is Almost Fully Charged

The lower the current charge, the faster the battery will charge. For example, it takes a lot longer for your EV charging station to get your battery from 60% to 80% than it does to get from 20% to 30%. So, it’s not a concern if your battery is charging slowly after 50%. It’s normal.

It’s even okay if your battery doesn’t charge all the way before you use it. Though there’s nothing wrong with charging your EV all the way, it may be healthier to keep it between 20% and 80% most of the time.

Too Many Vehicles Use Your EV Charging Setup At Home

If you have more than one electric vehicle using your EV charger, it will probably charge slower. The more EVs using it, the slower they will charge. This is true for most charging stations – even for phones and other electrical devices. The energy used by the vehicles is dispersed rather than concentrated in one vehicle as it would be if you were only charging one.

So, if you have more vehicles than usual using your charger during a holiday or gathering, it should be working at its normal speed once you’re back at the standard one car. If you have a constant flow of guests with electric vehicles, consider investing in a second station.

The Weather In Easton, PA Affects Your Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

If it’s too hot, your battery may overheat and cause charging issues. This is a common concern, but your station will charge even slower when it’s too cold out. A cold battery is one of the quickest ways to get a slow charge. Though this is inconvenient, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before trying to warm the battery on your own.

An EV Charging Station Mismatch May Slow Things Down

While some charging stations and electric vehicles are so mismatched that they won’t hook up or won’t charge at all, it is possible that the mismatch just makes things slower.

The mismatch could be software-related, which is difficult to detect without a professional. But it could also be a kW difference issue. The charging station’s power output could be lower than your EV’s capacity.

Your EV Charger Station Needs Maintenance

There are a few issues, such as those involving wiring, connectors, and filters, that require a professional to check out. If the issues with your EV station charging slowly do not resolve, contact an electrician who specializes in EV charging station repairs.

Shafnisky Electric loves helping the Northampton County area be more self-sufficient and save money on EV charging setups at home. If you want a free quote for your EV charging setup in Easton, PA, call Shafnisky Electric today at 610-435-2237 for a free quote.

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