Why You Should Upgrade The Electrical Panel On Your Hellertown, PA home While Remodeling

Why Remodeling Means A Service Upgrade
For Your Hellertown, PA Home

Shafnisky Electric Provides Expert Advice
On Upgrading Your Electrical Service

A remodel means some serious upgrades for your home’s liveability. Ensure your electricity can keep up by getting a service upgrade on your Hellertown, PA home.

At Shafnisky Electric, we have expertise in electrical panels and have often worked with remodeling contractors to ensure homes are ready for the future.

Let’s talk about why home remodeling projects often involve upgrading your electrical panel.

A Service Upgrade Might Be Required By Code

You might be familiar with the idea of an electrical and building code, among other rules put in place for safe construction. The code for electrical has changed over the years and is enforced by inspectors and permits. Have a professional who understands the code perform the upgrade, don’t do this yourself!

Your remodel may involve moving or adding electrical work that exceeds the capacity of your current electrical system, so your local inspector could very well require that you make some upgrades to make the remodel legal and safe. We understand and will help you pull the permits to get this done.

If You Added New Appliances, You
Might Need A Service Upgrade

Did your home remodel include upgrading home appliances like a dryer, air conditioner, or furnace? Your home’s current electrical panel might not provide enough power for new appliances. This could require a new panel with enough circuits and breakers to send electricity where it needs to go safely.

With Your Walls Opened Up, Consider A Service Upgrade

The walls don’t come down in your home very often, so doing a service upgrade on your Northampton County area home during a remodel can save some money. Having open walls makes our work a bit easier and reduces the hassle of electrical wiring upgrades later.

Your Electrical Usage Has Gone Up,
Requiring A Service Upgrade

An electrical panel can last 25 to 40 years. It isn’t often upgraded until a remodeling project takes place. Since your home last had an electrical upgrade, it probably consumed less power. Decades ago, people used computers less and relied on gas appliances more often. They also sometimes only had one or two televisions.

Between the daily charging of phones, tablets, and laptops and the frequent use of electric dryers or microwaves, your home might be at its max for power!

A Service Upgrade Is A Good Time To Add Outlets

One pet peeve of homeowners is a lack of electrical outlets. A home remodel can place appliances and seating arrangements in new places where electrical outlets are hard to reach. More outlets or moving outlets might require new breakers and circuits to distribute and handle power better.

Instead of shuffling furniture around based on your outlets, location, have us install new outlets!

Increasing Power For The Future With A Service Upgrade

The electrical panels on most homes are capable of handling between 100 and 200 amps. As a homeowner, you might consider buying an electric car or solar panels in the next decade. An electric vehicle may need more power than an older service panel can provide, and solar panels could also deliver more power than your electrical panel is designed for.

Avoid these issues by upgrading the service panel on your Hellertown, PA home while you remodel.

Call Shafnisky Electric For Your Hellertown, PA
Home’s Electrical Service Upgrade Needs

At Shafnisky Electric, we are professional electricians who frequently work with homeowners during their remodel projects. We’ll help project what you’ll need for power and upgrade your service panel so you won’t have to worry for a while. We work in coordination with other contractors and design-build teams to your benefit.

Reach out to us for an in-person consultation or call us at (610) 435-2237 to get started.

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