Will Insurance Pay For Whole-House Rewiring In Quakertown, PA?

Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Whole
House Rewiring In Quakertown, PA?

How To Know If Insurance Will Cover Your
Wiring In The Bucks County Area

Are you curious if insurance will cover your whole house rewiring in Quakertown, PA

Every homeowner’s insurance policy is different, but there are a few basic considerations to start with – like what type of wiring you have.

Here at Shafnisky Electric, we have decades of experience in everything from complete house rewiring to emergency wiring repairs. No matter why you need rewiring, we have the know-how to keep your home’s electrical system safe and up to date.

So, what should you consider to determine if homeowner’s insurance will pay for rewiring?

Will Insurance Cover Whole House Rewiring
To Replace Old Wiring?

If you’ve recently bought a historic home in the Bucks County Area, you might be wondering if insurance will cover whole house rewiring to get your home up to date.

Many older homes were built with knob-and-tube wiring or aluminum wiring. These types of wiring were common decades ago but are no longer considered safe and effective.

It can be very difficult to find a homeowner’s insurance policy that will cover a home with knob-and-tube wiring or aluminum wiring.

Some insurance providers will cover your home but with a high premium, and others won’t even change it.

So, why are these types of wiring considered outdated?

Knob And Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring was installed until the 1940s. It’s been eliminated in many homes, but not all. This wiring uses tubes to carry wires throughout the home and is unreliable and more likely to cause overloads.

This type of wiring often isn’t grounded, and the insulation can fray over the years and lead to exposed wiring.

Knob and tube wiring is considered a very high risk for electrical fires compared to modern wiring. If you want to get an insurance policy that will cover emergencies that require rewiring, your best bet is to get this wiring replaced.

Most insurance policies will not cover the replacement of knob-and-tube wiring.

If you manage to find a policy that does cover this high-risk wiring, it may potentially cover some emergency damage.

However, the only way to know for sure is to contact your insurance company to figure out their policies.

Aluminum Wiring?

Up until the 1980s, aluminum wiring was common in homes. While it is safer than knob-and-tube wiring, it is still a higher risk than modern copper wiring.

Some insurance policies cover aluminum wiring, but some don’t. The only way to know for sure is to check with your insurance company.

It is unlikely your insurance company will cover whole house rewiring just in case – or to replace higher-risk wiring, but always call your insurance company to figure out what they cover for sure.

If you want the best bet and get your wiring covered in the case of an emergency in the future, it might be a good idea to invest in whole-house rewiring to get aluminum wiring replaced with modern, lower-risk copper wiring.

Will Insurance Pay For Emergency Whole
House Rewiring?

Running into electrical problems in your home? Emergency damage to your electrical system? Your insurance might pay for some of the repairs.

As discussed previously, insurance policies are less likely to cover issues stemming from outdated wiring – if they cover it at all.

If your insurance policy does cover your wiring, chances are they’ll pay for rewiring in specific cases – like an emergency. If your electrical panel or wiring was damaged in an unpreventable emergency, like flooding or a house fire, check to see what types of repairs are covered.

What type of emergencies might require rewiring or electrical repairs? Call an electrician if any of these emergencies impact your home:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Storm damage
  • Pest damage
  • Electrical fire
  • House fire
  • Flooding

Most insurance policies are unlikely to cover rewiring stemming from predictable damage, like lack of regular servicing or routine repairs.

The best way to know exactly what types of repairs and rewiring your insurance will cover is to give them a call.

Want to replace old wiring in Quakertown, PA, to get a better insurance policy? Need emergency repairs? Shafnisky Electric can help. Contact us for a consultation today.

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