Your Ultimate Guide To Placing Your Electric Vehicle Charging Setup At Your Macungie, PA, Home

Your Ultimate Guide To Placing Your Electric
Vehicle Charging Setup At Your
Macungie, PA, Home

How To Get The Most From
Your EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations at home bring a world of convenience to you and your vehicle. A basic charger can take 8 to 12 hours to fully charge your electric vehicle. An at-home charging station reduces charging time significantly, but installing one is no easy task.

In addition to finding the right charger and checking your home’s electricity, you have to choose the right location. This guide teaches you everything you need to know about choosing a location for your electric vehicle charger in Macungie, PA.

What To Consider When Choosing
An EV Charging Station Location

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a charging station location. It should be a convenient place that makes installation easy and charging your vehicle as convenient as possible. Keep in mind that you’ll be charging your vehicle regularly, possibly once a day, so pick a location after considering some key factors.

Accessibility And Parking

The first thing to consider when choosing an electric vehicle station charging location is parking and accessibility. Choose a location that’s close enough to where you park so you can easily reach the charging port on your vehicle. Try to keep the charging station close enough so that you won’t stretch or potentially damage your charging cable due to extensive wear and tear.

Access To Power Supply

Access to your power supply is another key consideration for your installation process. By reducing the distance from your charging station to your power supply, you lower energy loss during transfer. This can make the charging process more efficient.

If you place your charging station closer to your electrical panel, you may lower the amount of materials needed for your installation. This can reduce the costs of installation.

Protection From Weather

Ensuring the longevity of your electric vehicle charging station is important to consider when choosing a location. While keeping your charging station outside may be convenient, it can also lead to it being exposed to the elements and varying forms of weather. Depending on the weather conditions, your electric vehicle charging station could be damaged and need repair.

If you do choose to select an electric vehicle charging station location that is outside, find materials and ways to protect it from outside elements. By keeping your charger protected, you extend the life of your equipment.

Best Locations For Your Electric Vehicle
Station At Home in Macungie, PA

There are three key location options to choose from when it comes to choosing a place for your electric vehicle charging installation.

Driveway Charging Station

Many homeowners choose to have a driveway charging station for convenience. These stations are a good option because you can typically park your vehicle close to the station, making charging easier, convenient, and faster. However, you’ll still need to weatherproof your station and keep it protected from outside elements.

There can sometimes be installation issues with driveway stations, as they may be further away from your electric panel. Make sure to consult with a licensed electrician about the difficulties of the installation process.

Outdoor Charging Station

Similar to a charging station on the driveway, an outdoor station is located further away, but still close enough to your vehicle’s parking space. This charging station may be less exposed to the elements if it is installed closer to your home.

Similar to a driveway station, you’ll need to consider methods of weatherproofing and what equipment you can use to make it more durable. This is especially useful during seasons of extreme weather in the Lehigh County area.

Garage Charging Station

Garage charging stations may serve as the best location for protecting your charging station from outside elements. However, there can be logistical issues with a garage charging station location. The size of your charger relative to your garage needs to be considered along with other factors, such as materials needed.

Whatever location you choose for your electric vehicle charging station, be sure to ask a licensed professional before going through with the installation. They may give you insights on what location is beneficial and things you can do to protect your charging station to ensure its longevity.

Call Our Professionals To Choose Your EV Charging
Station Location Installation in Macungie, PA

Choosing the right electric vehicle charging station location is no easy task. With the many factors to consider in the Lehigh County area, you’ll want the best location for your convenience and home.

Always rely on the licensed professionals at Shafnisky Electric for your electric vehicle charging station installation. Our team can help you with every step of the installation process. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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