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Hire A Professional Contractor For Smart Home Wiring In Allentown, PA

Automate Your Lehigh County Area Home To Make Things A Breeze

Step into the future with smart home wiring in Allentown, PA. If convenience is your top priority, home automation is right for you.

Shafnisky Electric installs top smart home technology, so managing your home is as easy as – well – even easier than the push of a button!

Smart home wiring isn’t just for the tech-savvy. If you’re a traveler, a busy parent, or just want to save a few minutes, a smart home setup might be just what you need. With smart home wiring, you can control your lights, home security, and alarms from anywhere, anytime.

Here at Shafnisky Electric, we understand the value of time. Automating your home is a great way to make everyday tasks just a little more convenient.

Whether you want to turn out the lights at night by simply saying “Alexa…” or want a fully automated security system, we can help you find smart home wiring options that fit your lifestyle.

Smart home wiring takes your lifestyle a step ahead. Learn all about what Shafnisky Electric offers for smart home wiring in the Lehigh County Area.

Seamless Smart Home Wiring In Allentown, PA

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Smart Home Wiring Makes Everything Easier

From improving your efficiency at getting ready in the morning to giving you peace of mind while you’re away from home, there are so many excellent benefits of smart home wiring.

Smart Home Wiring Saves Time And Money

Ever had to get out of bed to turn off the lights?

No more.

Smart home wiring makes household tasks as simple as turning off the lights even easier. Turn lights on or off with your voice, or even set them on a timer.

Even better, smart home wiring can save you money on your energy bill.

Have you taken off on vacation and wondered if your lights were still on before?

With smart home wiring, that’s a worry of the past too. You can control your smart home from anywhere with user-friendly apps.

Improve Home Security With Smart Home Wiring

Smart home wiring can double as a cost-effective home security improvement.

Whether you want to connect existing systems to your smart home network or put in a new security system altogether, smart homes are the future of home security.

When you have a smart home setup, you can choose settings that turn the lights on and off at random so it looks like somebody is home. That’s a pretty simple but effective way to secure your home, especially if you’re away.

You can even get new locks that are connected to your smart home network. You’ll never have to fumble with keys running out the door again.

Even better, some smart home systems incorporate motion detection and alarm activation. With smart home wiring in the Lehigh County Area, you can rest easy with top-notch home security.

Smart Home Wiring Allentown Pa Shafnisky Electric

The Shafnisky Electric Difference In Allentown, PA

Professional Smart Home Wiring That Fits Your Family’s Lifestyle

When you choose Shafnisky Electric for your smart home wiring, you know that your project will be done well.

The Shafnisky Electric team prides ourselves on finishing every project to the same standards we’d have for our own homes. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in installing smart home systems that seamlessly integrate into your daily life.

Shafnisky Electric will always go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your project. We’ve won the super service award and received hundreds of 5-star reviews from our clients in the Lehigh County Area through good old hard work and dedication.

What makes Shafnisky Electric different?

Your Local Smart Home Wiring Experts

Shafnisky Electric is based right here in the Lehigh County Area. We’re locally owned and deeply involved in the community. When you choose Shafnisky Electric for your Allentown, PA smart home wiring, we care about your project – we’re neighbors.

We’re committed to getting your project done with the professional service you deserve – and we also might run into you at the grocery store.

24/7 Emergency Services

At Shafnisky Electric, we are here for you when things go downhill. We offer 24/7 emergency services.

During our regular business hours, you’ll speak directly to one of our knowledgeable team members who can help figure out a plan. After hours, we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.

#3: Quality Assurance

At the heart of Shafnisky Electric is a dedication to ensuring you are happy and comfortable with your results. We stand by all our work with a 2-year warranty. If any issues come up, we’ll be there to make it right.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We believe in our craftsmanship, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship. If there’s ever a doubt as to the quality of our work, we will address it promptly.

When you’re looking to upgrade your home with the latest smart technology, Shafnisky Electric is here to provide top-notch service and lasting peace of mind. With our comprehensive warranties, you can embrace smart living with no reservations.

Personalized Smart Home Solutions

Smart home wiring is only useful if it fits your lifestyle.

Here at Shafnisky Electric, we’re not about just rushing through a project and checking it off the to-do list. Our first step is to sit down and get to know you, your family, and what you need. That’s how we make seamless smart home transitions happen every time.

We tailor your smart home wiring to meet your specific needs so that it’s an investment that is truly worth it.

Shafnisky Electric Smart Home Wiring Reviews

Clients Remember Our Personal Approach

Bill M.

Highest Recommendation

We have used Shafnisky for many years, and they are consistently the best value in the Valley. Prompt, professional, and a first-rate organization. The electricians were personable and informative. Highest recommendation.

Danny D.

Shafnisky Delivered Quality And Timely Service

Once again Shafnisky delivered quality and timely service and offered solutions to make modern day living a little more comfortable. The knowledgeable staff explained the process in detail from the estimate stage all the way to completion, so I felt confident every step of the way that I was in good hands.


Thank You For All Your Work

We want to say a special thank you for all the electric work you have done for us. Everything is super... The work and the clean up was very, very good. I would highly recommend you to any one.

3 Questions Allentown, PA Homeowners
Ask Us About Smart Home Wiring

Can I Control My Smart Home System From My Phone Or Tablet From A Remote Location?

As long as your home system is operational and online, you can effortlessly control your entire smart home using your phone or tablet, regardless of your location.

Can I Make Changes Later On By Myself?

Absolutely, our smart home system is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our system empowers the average homeowner to make adjustments effortlessly. And should you ever encounter any issues, you have the option to grant us remote access for prompt assistance.

Can I Upgrade My Smart Home System Later If My Budget Increases?

You can certainly begin with one system now and expand your smart home setup as your budget allows. Our flexible approach allows you to start small and scale up your smart home system later on when you have more resources available.

How Difficult Is Smart Home Technology To Use?

Using smart home technology is incredibly simple and user-friendly. Most of the systems we offer are designed for easy interaction, often allowing you to control them effortlessly using just your voice.

How Many People Can Control The Smart Home System?

There's no limit to the number of individuals who can control the smart home system. You can easily set up access for all members of your household, specifying who should have control over various features such as security systems, HVAC, geofencing, and more.

Is There Anything I Can’t Control?

Not much at all! You have control over a wide range of features including window blinds, door locks, security systems, cameras, lights, and so much more. It's worth noting that certain elements like a hot tub or a heated pool might not be compatible with remote control through the smart home system.

What Happens If I Lose Power Or Wifi?

If your home loses power or wifi, the connectivity of the system will be affected. In the case of wifi loss, the ability to connect to and control the smart system remotely may be impacted.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

If you need minor repairs, a full rewiring job, a charging system installed, or immediate electrical help in the Lehigh Valley and NW New Jersey areas, Shafnisky Electric is your best bet. We give you straight answers and expert solutions at a fair price. No gimmicks. No games. Just pure professionalism served with a smile.