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Get The Most Out Of Your Electric Vehicle
With Our Electric Vehicle Charging
Setups In Whitehall, PA

Never Fight Over A Car
Charging Station Again

Many consumers are going green with electric vehicles. The problem most face is where to charge them without a hassle. At Shafnisky Electric, we offer outstanding electric vehicle charging setups in Whitehall, PA.

We make owning an EV much easier by giving you the option to charge yours right from the comfort of your Lehigh County Area home. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to install level 2 chargers from all the top manufacturers.

When you turn to Shafnisky Electric, you’re guaranteed quality workmanship that lasts. We’re dedicated to delivering an outstanding experience with high-quality results every single time.

We Offer Dependable Electric Vehicle Charging
Setups To Whitehall, PA Homeowners

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Electric Vehicle Charging Setups

When you have your own home charging station, you never have to worry again about when you will be able to charge your electric vehicle. With the help of our qualified team, you’ll have the ability to make sure your car is ready to go at all times.

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We Treat Every Customer Like Our Family

When You Choose Shafnisky Electric, You’ll
Experience Nothing But The Best

We’ve spent over 35 years serving the Lehigh County community with the goal of delivering top-notch service to every customer. No matter what type of electrical services you need, we’re your go-to source for dependability and respect.

Purely Professional

From our tidy appearance to the clean state we’ll leave your home in, you can count on pure professionalism during the installation of your home charging station. We train our employees to be the best at what they do, and it shows in the quality of work they produce.

Detail Fanatics

You can consider us downright obsessed with the details. Nothing escapes our attention. At Shafnisky Electric, we understand the importance of the small things, which is why we’re such detail fanatics.

Core Values That Put YOU First

We operate our business on a set of core values that define everything we do – integrity, service, teamwork, accountability, and reliability. When you hire us for your project, you can rest assured that these values always steer us in the right direction.

Our Whitehall, PA Customers Return
To Us Time And Time Again

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At Shafnisky Electric, we love caring for our customers and delivering the quality of service they deserve. So, when they respond with feedback, we’re all ears. We especially love to hear the stories of those who were truly satisfied.

Annette M.

HIGHLY Recommend Them

HIGHLY recommend them! We had an issue and they sent a tech THAT DAY within hours of my call. He was professional and went over EVERY step with me and fully explained what he was doing. They also replaced the meter outside along with the lines and any questions I had were answered right away. They will be my first call moving forward!

Jenna H.

Simple And Smooth

We had some outlets replaced and a light fixture hung in our kitchen. Every part of this project was simple and smooth, from calling the office to schedule an estimate to the technicians coming out and completing the work. I would highly recommend Shafnisky Electric to anyone looking for a great company and quality work.

Brian & Lee-Ann J.

Thank You For Saving The Day

I would recommend Shafnisky Electric to anyone that needs electrical work. They were on time, had great communication, and had more-than-fair rates. We will be using them again in the spring for panel upgrades and outlet work. Thank you for saving the day. A hot shower is now in my future!!

Questions Whitehall, PA Homeowners Ask
About Electric Vehicle Charging Setups
From Shafnisky Electric

Can My Electrical System Prioritize My EV Charger When Charging?

Yes, your electrical system can prioritize your EV charger during charging. This can help conserve power and prevent overloading the system.

Can You Plug An EV Charger Into A Normal Outlet?

Yes, you can plug a Level 1 EV charger into a normal outlet. However, for Level 2 and Level 3 chargers, you'll need a dedicated 240-volt circuit. While a Level 1 charger will work, it will be slower, taking up to 16 hours to charge.

How Do I Know If My Electrical System Can Handle My EV Charger?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer. To determine if your electrical system can handle your EV charger, we need to assess your existing system and the specific charger you intend to install. Once we've evaluated these factors, we can provide a definitive answer on whether your system can support the charger.

How Far Can I Drive On A Single Charge?

How far you can drive on a single charge depends on the specific car model. Unfortunately, we don't have that information available.

How Long Does It Take To Install An EV Charger?

The installation time for an EV charger varies with the charger's level. Level 1 chargers can be installed in a few hours, while Level 2 chargers typically take 4-8 hours, and Level 3 chargers involve more complexity and site-specific factors.

What Class Of EV Charger Do I Need?

Selecting the right EV charger depends on your desired charging speed and your home's electrical capacity. While Level 1 chargers take more time than Level 2, we can assess your home's readiness and, if needed, upgrade your electrical system to support the faster charging capabilities of Level 2 chargers.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

If you need minor repairs, a full rewiring job, a charging system installed, or immediate electrical help in the Lehigh Valley and NW New Jersey areas, Shafnisky Electric is your best bet. We give you straight answers and expert solutions at a fair price. No gimmicks. No games. Just pure professionalism served with a smile.