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When looking into getting an electrical services upgrade in Whitehall, PA, it can be hard to find the right team. Many electricians promise low prices or fast service, but few match Shafnisky Electric’s high-quality standards.

We’ve been in business for over 35 years and have served thousands of homeowners. We can easily help you upgrade your electrical services, whether you want to upgrade from 100 to 200 amps or even further with a 400-amp upgrade.

Fast service, efficient products, and honesty are all qualities you can expect from Shafnisky Electric. We never skimp on quality just to save a quick buck. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.

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Service Upgrades

Flipped breakers, electrical issues, and limited power capacity. If you are currently dealing with any of these problems, it’s time for an electrical services upgrade. Shafnisky Electric can help upgrade your home from 60 or 100 amps to a 200 or even 400 amp electrical service.

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We Have Helped Bring Whitehall, PA Electrical
Systems Into The Modern Era Through
Reliable Electrical Service Upgrades

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For the last 35 years, our team has proudly served the Whitehall, PA community. Our long-term success has been largely due to our unwavering commitment to quality and core values. Professionalism, attention to detail, and efficient products are just a few qualities you can expect from us.

Pure Professionalism

When you need an electrical services upgrade, you need a professional team prioritizing quality. That team is Shafnisky Electric. We’ll work closely with you to find the best electrical solutions for your home in Whitehall, PA.

Uncompromising Attention To Detail

At Shafnisky Electric, we know just one mistake can ruin an entire electrical project. So we never make that first mistake. Our attention to detail is nearly unmatched, and you can rest easy knowing your project is in good hands.

Safe, Efficient Products

We believe in giving our community the best products around. When you choose to work with Shafnisky Electric, you know you are getting just that. We place a high value on quality and ensure that the products we use will last for years.

Customer-First Core Values

When Shafnisky Electric was founded, we set out to improve the lives of the Lehigh County area. We were built off the foundation of a customer-first mentality. And that mindset has allowed us to blossom into what we are today.

Whitehall, PA Homeowners Love Our Work!

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Annette M.

HIGHLY Recommend Them

HIGHLY recommend them! We had an issue and they sent a tech THAT DAY within hours of my call. He was professional and went over EVERY step with me and fully explained what he was doing. They also replaced the meter outside along with the lines and any questions I had were answered right away. They will be my first call moving forward!

K. B.

I Highly Recommend Them

I had a GREAT first experience with Shafnisky Electric. Everyone I spoke with was professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to talk with. The tech arrived right on time, installed a new outlet exactly where I wanted it, cleaned up everything as soon as he finished, and answered all of my questions. It was an absolutely flawless experience from start to finish. I highly recommend them!

Michael Ross

We Would Recommend Them

We here at Ross Body & Frame Works, Inc. use Shafnisky Electric for all of our company needs. They are very professional and provide fast, reliable service. We would recommend them for any electrical needs whether it is your personal home or your office.

Whitehall PA’s Most Commonly Asked Services
Upgrade Questions To Shafnisky Electric

Do You Have Experience With Electrical Repairs?

With over 35 years of experience, there's no repair challenge we haven't encountered and successfully addressed. Our extensive expertise means that we're well equipped to handle a wide range of electrical repairs no matter what.

How Fast Can You Have Someone Come To My Home For Electrical Repairs?

We've got you covered! We have a dedicated electrician on-call specifically for house calls and electrical repairs. When you call, we swiftly dispatch our service call expert to your home. Their main focus is speedy service — if you reach out early in the day, there's a good chance we can accommodate a same-day visit.

How Long Will A Whole Home Rewiring Take?

The duration of a whole home rewiring project can vary and is best determined after our experts assess your home's specific needs, such as its size, scope of work, and any necessary adjustments. The process can take up to 3 weeks, contingent on factors like the extent of adjustments needed, potential demolition, or new wall installations.

How Long Will I Be Without Power When Upgrading Or Rewiring My Home?

The duration of power outage during an upgrade or rewiring project varies. For tasks like replacing the panel, the downtime typically ranges from 4 to 6 hours. When upgrading the entire service, the outage might extend to about 8 hours. Rest assured, we can create temporary electrical connections to keep critical devices like oxygen machines operational during this period.

Is A Permit Required To Have Upgrades, Rewiring & Repairs Done On My Home?

Electrical repairs generally do not require permits, whereas upgrades and rewiring typically do. While permits are not mandatory, we highly recommend obtaining them. Having a legitimate authority inspect the work safeguards both you and your investment. A permit-backed inspection can offer added reassurance and invaluable protection against potential litigation.

What’s Involved In An Electrical Service Upgrade?

An electrical service upgrade encompasses a comprehensive process, which includes upgrading the entire service, from service entrance cable to panel, breakers, new grounding, and rewiring. The scope of the upgrade depends entirely on your specific needs.

Will You Gather The Required Permits For Me?

Absolutely, in most cases, we take care of the permit acquisition process for you. Since we often require multiple permits for various projects, we streamline the process and handle the necessary permits on your behalf, saving you time and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

If you need minor repairs, a full rewiring job, a charging system installed, or immediate electrical help in the Lehigh Valley and NW New Jersey areas, Shafnisky Electric is your best bet. We give you straight answers and expert solutions at a fair price. No gimmicks. No games. Just pure professionalism served with a smile.