Safe, Efficient Products

Safe, Efficient Electrical Products You Can Trust In Your North Jersey Home… No Exceptions

Saving Money While Optimizing Your Home Or Business’s Full Electrical Potential

At Shafnisky Electric, we take immense pride in offering incredibly safe and efficient electrical products that you can trust in your North Jersey home. Just like a sturdy foundation supports a well-built structure, our electrical products form the bedrock of your electrical system, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.

We believe in going above and beyond to deliver products that save you money and maximize your Lehigh Valley home or business’s full electrical potential.

From state-of-the-art electrical panels and energy-efficient lighting solutions to reliable wiring and cutting-edge smart home technology, our extensive range of products is designed to meet your specific needs.

With Shafnisky Electric, you can trust that our dedication to safety and efficiency will illuminate your space while safeguarding your electrical infrastructure.

Successful Projects Begin With Brand New, Out-Of-The-Box Products

We have a simple rule: everything we use is always brand new.


Because when it comes to electrical work, we don’t mess around. While it may seem like a no-brainer, we are one of very few electrical contractors who can make this claim and stick by it.

Many electrical contractors will actually reuse old wires and other vital components from past projects when upgrading your electrical system to, you guessed it, save money.

Electricity is no joke, and we would never compromise on your well-being just to save a few pennies. Unlike other contractors who might cut corners, we choose only the absolute best products from reputable manufacturers known for their high quality.

We understand that one tiny mistake or subpar product could have disastrous consequences, and we’re not willing to take that risk.

Get Ready For Lower Energy Consumption!

We take the time to evaluate each customer’s specific needs and provide recommendations that offer the best return on investment. While some homeowners may prefer LED lights, for example, it may not always be the best option — but we always find the one that is.

Our expertise in smart home technology empowers homeowners to regulate indoor temperatures effectively through features like smart thermostats and remote access to HVAC units. No more forgetting the AC turned on and paying for it later when your energy bill comes in the mail!

Additionally, we offer EV charging stations for those who are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint. Our goal is simple: to provide you with customized solutions for lower energy consumption.

We Welcome New Technology With Open Arms

We embrace new technology with open arms and a sense of adventure!

As a tech-forward company, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing, testing and familiarizing ourselves with new products before introducing them to our customers. We pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge technology well ahead of our competition, who may shy away from change and learning new skills.

We carefully cherry-pick the options that will work best for your project, ensuring a seamless integration of the latest gadgets and systems. So let’s embark on this exciting journey together, and let the magic of new technology enhance your Northwestern New Jersey home or business!

We’ll Personalize Your Electrical Upgrade To Your EXACT Wants, Needs, & Specifications

We understand that every home is as unique as the people who live in it. That’s why we believe in personalizing our services and problem-solving solutions to meet your specific needs rather than offering generic one-size-fits-all solutions.

We accomplish that with:

  • Tailored Solutions: We customize our services and problem-solving solutions to address the unique requirements of each project.
  • Family-Friendly Approach: Whether you have kids or pets, we take special care to ensure that our electrical products prioritize safety and convenience for everyone.
  • Future-Proof Recommendations: Drawing from our extensive experience, we can suggest additional products or technology that can make your life easier as your circumstances evolve, whether it’s preparing for old age or accommodating new family members.
  • Unparalleled Customer Involvement: We firmly believe that your project should reflect your preferences. We empower you to make decisions at every step while our expert team ensures flawless installation and impeccable aesthetics.

Your electrical upgrade will be uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs, providing you with a home that functions flawlessly and perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Industry-Leading Brands Known For Quality, Reliability, & Longevity

We partner with top-notch brands known for their exceptional quality and reliability. From Lutron’s smart home technology to Leviton’s switches and receptacles, we bring you products that make life easier and brighter.

With Lightolier and Lithonia exterior lighting solutions, we create stunning and functional spaces. And when it comes to outdoor lighting, Kichler >ensures your landscape shines beautifully. We never settle for anything less than the finest, because your satisfaction is our priority.

Still Putting Off Your Electrical Service Needs? Here’s Why To Call Shafnisky Electric ASAP

Pure Professionalism

Our team of highly skilled electricians is dedicated to delivering top-notch service, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and ensuring a seamless, professional experience for every Lehigh Valley and New Jersey customer.

Uncompromising Attention To Detail

When it comes to attention to detail, we set the bar high. At Shafnisky Electric, we take pride in our precision and perfectionism, ensuring that every aspect of your project is flawlessly executed.

Customer-First Values

We are committed to providing exceptional service, tailored solutions, and an enjoyable experience from start to finish. With our unwavering focus on your satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver electrical services that exceed your expectations.

Community Connection

We go beyond providing exceptional electrical services by actively supporting local events, charities, and initiatives. Through our sponsorships, reduced rates, and genuine involvement, we strive to positively impact the communities we serve.

Lighting Design Gallery

Explore a captivating collection of our finest residential and commercial lighting designs, showcasing our commitment to transforming spaces with breathtaking illumination. Let us illuminate your vision and create an unforgettable lighting experience.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

If you need minor repairs, a full rewiring job, a charging system installed, or immediate electrical help in the Lehigh Valley and NW New Jersey areas, Shafnisky Electric is your best bet. We give you straight answers and expert solutions at a fair price. No gimmicks. No games. Just pure professionalism served with a smile.