A Step-By-Step Guide For Smart Home Wiring In Saucon Valley, PA

A Master Electrician’s Guide To Smart
Home Wiring In Saucon Valley, PA

A Contractor’s Step-by-Step Process For
Setting Up Your Smart Home Wiring

Let’s face it — smart home wiring in Saucon Valley, PA is a sizable investment. Many are tempted to try DIY smart electrical wiring, but this most often leads to a MAJOR headache, wasted time, and a smart home system that simply does not work.

Instead, always choose a licensed electrician for smart home electrical wiring, particularly one trained in smart home technology. This ensures your smart home system is safe and works exactly how you want it to without any issues.

So, what steps does an electrician take to ensure your smart home wiring is done the right way? Let’s take a close look at the process.

Choose Your Smart Home Framework

Next, you can work with your electrician and create a wireframe. This ensures all of your favorite devices are integrated into your smart home system. Remember, you should personalize your smart home the way YOU want it, which may include these smart home devices:

  • Heating
  • Speakers
  • Gate control
  • Thermostats
  • Light switches
  • Smoke alarms
  • Security cameras

Upgrade To Smart LED Lights

After planning, the first smart home wiring installation step is to upgrade your lighting to LED bulbs. LED lights are more energy-efficient and allow you to save money every month on energy costs. They also don’t burn out nearly as often as traditional (non-LED) bulbs.

During the upgrade, your electrician wires your smart lights the way you want. This can include setting your lights to timers. You can also enable “vacation mode” to deter potential thieves by turning lights on and off at random times while you are away. The possibilities are endless.

Connect All Smart Home Devices

Your electrician then connects all smart home devices. For example, this may include rewiring your home to connect your smart smoke alarms. In this case, they can ensure your doors unlock, and the HVAC unit shuts off when there is a potential fire. Doing so helps prevent the spread of the fire and allows your family to escape unharmed.

Keep in mind that no two smart homes are the same. Your connected smart home devices are based on what you want and need.

Test The Smart Home Wiring

The next step is to test the smart home wiring. Keep in mind the power is turned off during the wiring process. Afterward, the electrician turns the power back on to test the smart home technology. If anything doesn’t work correctly, they can diagnose the issue and quickly fix the problem.

This is where many DIY homeowners run into problems. You follow the instructions, install the wiring, and then test things out — only to find out that nothing works. To make matters worse, the homeowner (understandably) does not know how to fix the problem.

For this reason, hiring an electrician who knows what they are doing is vital. ONLY choose an electrician who has experience with smart home technology.

Label Your Smart Home Wiring And Devices

Labeling your smart home wiring and devices makes it easy to control everything once the job is finished. The electrician should take the time to label everything clearly so that you and your family can understand.

In addition to labeling, your electrician should explain to you how everything works. They should answer every question you have AND provide you with their contact info. This allows you to call them if there are electrical issues you can’t resolve on your own.

Smart Home Maintenance And Updates

Smart home technology changes all the time. From updating your system to implementing new smart devices, your electrician should remain in touch after the job is technically finished.

Also, your electrician should provide a warranty. They should cover ALL labor and material issues you have for up to a year (atl east) after your smart home wiring is complete. If they don’t offer this, don’t choose them for the job. At Shafnisky Electric, we offer a two-year warranty on products and a lifetime warranty on labor.

Trust The PROVEN Smart Home Electricians
At Shafnisky Electric

Shafnisky Electric helps homeowners in Saucon Valley, PA, and the surrounding Lehigh County area with their smart home technology. We ensure the job gets done right the FIRST TIME, avoiding setbacks, faulty wiring, and other costly annoyances. We also back our work with a one-year warranty on all materials and labor. Contact us to get your smart home wiring started.

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