Benefits Of An Electrical Service Upgrade

The Benefits Of An Electrical Service Upgrade For Your Allentown, PA, Home

How Upgrading To 200-Amp Service Can Improve Your Home

When was the last time you seriously thought about your Allentown, PA, home’s electrical service? You probably haven’t considered it much if it’s not giving you ongoing problems. However, even if things seem OK on the surface, getting a service upgrade is in your best interest if you’re running on an older system.

An updated electrical service can provide many benefits – from more outlets to supporting the newest appliances. We’ll explore each one in-depth, providing all the necessary information to understand why upgrading to 200-amp service is essential.

Increased Safety For Boosted Peace Of Mind

Older homes often have outdated electrical panels, putting homeowners at risk for electrical shock or severe fires. Some of these homes may even have dangerous fuse systems instead of newer, updated breaker panels. If your home is like this, it’s essential to have an electrical service upgrade completed as quickly as possible.

When you upgrade from an older system that runs on 100 amps to a 200-amp system, you can protect your home from overloaded circuits. Overloaded circuits will often lead to electrical fires or loss of power. Additionally, you can benefit from added safety features, such as surge protection, longer-lasting components, and updated wiring to meet code.

Reduction In Maintenance Costs Around The Home

An older electrical panel can cause many problems for your Lehigh County home. You may need frequent repairs from a qualified local electrician. Over time, this can get very costly, with services adding up to astronomical amounts.

In addition, when the panel cannot support the appliances you have in your home, it can damage them. Then, you’ll also have to pay to repair or replace those essential devices. With the risk of fire these older panels present, you may also face extensive damage to your home that needs repair.

Getting a service upgrade will alleviate all these problems. Your newly updated system will work correctly for years without requiring another upgrade. Additionally, your appliances and home will be safe from electrical damage because the system is designed to handle the load you place on it.

Boosted Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t like to save money on their electricity bill? Getting an electrical service upgrade for your Allentown, PA, can help. Newer model electrical panels are specifically designed to be more efficient and use technology focused on power conservation. You’ll enjoy a reduction in your bills and electricity build-up over time.

Older panels are less efficient, so they take more power to do the job. Once your upgrade is completed, you’ll see the effects as your appliances start working more efficiently and your savings increase.

Increased Power Throughout Your Home

Completing a service upgrade at your Lehigh County home can also give you a significant power increase. Your newly upgraded panel will have an increased capacity to support more heavy-draw appliances, such as HVAC units, electric vehicles, and hot tubs.

So, if you have plans for a remodel in the future or for upgrading your appliances, you’ll have the electrical capacity to handle the increased load these upgrades will bring. If you stick with your outdated system, you’ll experience frequently tripped breakers because of these high-draw appliances, and your everyday electronics won’t be as efficient.

Potential To Save On Your Insurance Premiums

Some insurance companies offer savings for having an updated electric service. Because of an upgraded panel’s increased safety, your insurance company may find it a desirable feature and offer discounts on your premium.

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Electric Service Upgrade In Allentown, PA

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