Benefits Of Having An Automatic Standby Generator For Your Bethlehem, PA, Home

Benefits Of Having An Automatic Standby Generator For Your Bethlehem, PA, Home

All The Great Reasons You Need An Automatic Generator

When your Bethlehem, PA, neighborhood experiences a power outage, it’s no fun to sit around in the dark. Not to mention the money you stand to lose on spoiled food or, worse, burst pipes in the winter. A backup power source is an excellent way to avoid all these problems.

Residential automatic standby generators can make things much more comfortable, but they’re a significant investment. However, once you understand the many great benefits they have to offer, you’ll likely be sold on having one installed. From keeping your HVAC unit running to saving your food, your generator will protect your assets and ensure you’re as cozy as possible.

We’ll explore the many wonderful benefits of automatic generators, so you know exactly what you can get from having one installed. Read on to learn more about these fantastic systems.

Enhanced Safety And Security

A lot can go wrong when you have no electricity. For example, there’s an increased risk of tripping and falling in any room of your home. With decreased visibility, anything is possible, making it a dangerous situation, especially if you have small children or family members with mobility issues. With a home backup generator, you can alleviate the risk of these accidents.

As these generators are permanently installed outside, you will also never run the risk of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. When you hire a reliable local electrician in the Northampton and Lehigh Counties area, they’ll ensure your generator is installed correctly to meet all safety requirements.

Total Home Comfort

When you choose an automatic home generator with enough output to power your entire home, you’ll experience an outage like nothing is happening. All your critical appliances will be operational.

In addition to having your refrigerator up and running, you’ll have your indoor temperature right where you want it because you can reliably operate your HVAC. All your favorite devices will be available, keeping your family entertained through what would otherwise be an exceptionally dull experience. With the power on, you’ll also have access to hot water.

As you can see, a standby generator offers so much more in terms of comfort than simply supplying lighting. You can enjoy total home comfort instead of struggling through the outage.

Refueling Needs Are Minimal Or Nonexistent

Standby residential generators typically depend on liquid propane or natural gas for fuel. This makes them highly efficient. You’ll rarely need to fill your tank for those that work with liquid propane – they can operate anywhere from days to weeks on one tank, depending on its size. You’ll never have to get a refill with natural gas because it’s an open line.

Because of these fuel options, you won’t have to worry about those inconvenient refills that always seem to happen in the middle of the night with portable generators.

Immediate Power With No Effort From You

One of the most significant benefits an automatic home standby generator offers is the lack of input needed from you. When the power fails at your Bethlehem, PA, home, your generator will sense it. After waiting a few seconds to determine if the power will be restored, it will start its engine. The automatic transfer switch will also isolate the home from the power grid.

Once the utility is restored, the generator shuts itself off. It returns to utility power, taking time to cool down. After it’s thoroughly cooled, it will return to standby mode until the next time it’s needed.

The great part about this feature is you never have to worry about your essential appliances running during a power outage, even if you’re not home. Your generator does everything for you, keeping your home safe and operational.

Reduces Losses In Other Areas

When you have no power, your essential appliances cannot operate, including your refrigerator and HVAC. The results can be devastating. If you’ve recently stocked up on groceries, you stand to lose a lot of money.

Now, consider if it’s winter and your heat is off. With our Northampton and Lehigh Counties area weather, there’s a good chance your pipes could freeze and burst, causing immense damage to your home.

Having an automatic standby generator can prevent these devastating things from happening. It will keep your fridge and HVAC operating smoothly throughout the outage, protecting your home.

Trust Shafnisky Electric For The Best Residential Automatic Standby Generators In Bethlehem, PA

Get peace of mind during the next power outage at your Bethlehem, PA, home when you choose one of Shafnisky Electric’s residential automatic standby generators. We know all the rules and follow all the guidelines when it comes to installing generators the right way.

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