Benefits Of Rewiring Your Quakertown, PA Home

Benefits Of Whole House Rewiring
For Your Quakertown, PA Home

Keep Your Bucks County Area
Home Safe And Sound

If you live in an older home, whole house rewiring in Quakertown, PA is the best way to keep your home safe.

There are many historic homes in the Bucks County Area. These homes are absolutely gorgeous but often don’t have the electrical capacity to handle modern appliances. That’s not just inconvenient; it can actually be dangerous.

The way to preserve these homes is to turn to experts for whole-house rewiring.

At Shafnisky Electric, we have 35 years of experience rewiring homes. We love helping homeowners keep their homes safe and efficient.

Are you wondering if it’s time to invest in whole-home rewiring in Quakertown, PA? Consider these benefits of rewiring before you take the leap.

Put Safety First With Electrical
Rewiring In Quakertown, PA

Electrical fires start FAST.

One of the best ways you can prevent electrical fires in your home is with professional whole-house rewiring to bring everything up to date.

Here at Shafnisky Electric, we’ve seen the aftermath of electrical emergencies. When a home doesn’t have an electrical system to support modern demands, overload can occur and melt or burn wires. That’s a fire waiting to happen.

Out-of-date electrical panels are a danger in older homes. If you don’t take action, old panels can cause damage to your electrical system, unreliable power, and even fires.

Upgrade To 200-Amp Service

Why are outdated panels such an issue? Many older homes are built with a 60-amp electrical service. Now, appliances require 200-amp electrical service. In fact, most local codes require at least 100-amp service.

Our team can install a modern 200-amp electrical service that can power all of your modern appliances with ease – AND keep your home safe.

Whole house rewiring is an investment in your peace of mind. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home.

Increase The Value Of Your Home
With Whole House Rewiring

Planning to sell your home soon?

It’s time to turn to experts for whole-house rewiring.

Updating your home’s electrical system can yield a fantastic return on investment when it comes time to sell. It’s absolutely worth it if your wiring is outdated. Even basic updates can maintain your home’s value as the years pass.

Rewiring your home is a great way to increase resale value. A recently updated electrical system is a fantastic selling point. It might just help your home sell faster – and for a better price.

Repair Code Violations When You Rewire
Your Home

If you’re planning to sell, it’s important to make sure your home is up to code ahead of time. We can fix all sorts of code violations, including:

  • Unapproved or non-grounded receptacles
  • Missing junction boxes or covers
  • Converting fuses to breakers
  • GFCI and AFI protection
  • Wires close to framing

Our electricians can repair these code violations and make sure everything is ready to go before you list your home.

Why Choose Professional Electricians?

Thinking of going the DIY route? No matter how handy you are, it’s always better to trust the experts when it comes to electrical work. Electrical repairs can be very hazardous.

If things don’t go right, you’ll have to deal with expensive repairs. Plus, professional electricians are up to date on the latest safety practices and regulations.

So, go with the pros. It will save you time, money, and maybe even your life.

Improve Electrical Capacity With Home
Rewiring In The Bucks County Area

Enjoy air conditioning on a hot day? What about a cozy, warm home when there’s snow on the ground? Do you like to keep your food fresh in the refrigerator?

If the answer to any of those things is yes, it might be time to make sure you have updated wiring.

Whole house rewiring is the best way to ensure reliable power for all your appliances.

Especially if you live in an older home, you might have 60 or 100-amp electrical service. Most modern appliances require 200-amp electrical service to run properly.

Updated whole house wiring will make sure your house has enough electrical capacity to run all those appliances you rely on.

Convinced it’s time to rewire your home in Quakertown, PA, then reach out to Shafnisky Electric for your consultation today.

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