Buying A Commercial Automatic Standby Generator

Commercial Automatic Standby Generator
Buyer’s Guide For Business Owners
In Stroudsburg, PA

Learn What You Need In
A Standby Generator

When power outages hit the area, you may worry about your building and the items contained within it. Stroudsburg, PA commercial automatic standby generators are a must-have for your business to combat power outages and all that comes with them.

For business owners in the Monroe County area, one major problem faced is that they are not sure what commercial standby generator they need. Nor do they have a good idea of where to find what they need.

Luckily, we have combined some of the common questions and concerns that every business owner needs to consider so they can be happy with the end decision on their commercial generator.

Do You Need A Commercial Automatic Standby Generator?

One of the main questions business owners must ask themselves is: do I need a standby generator for my business? In most cases, the answer is yes!

A standby generator can keep power to your business during extreme weather situations that may have knocked power out. What does this mean for you?

It means that you can still get work done inside your location. However, for those commercial businesses with products inside their buildings that need refrigerators, a standby generator ensures you are not tossing out damaged products.

Ultimately, a standby generator gives you that peace of mind that even if the electricity is out for a few days, your business is safe!

What Elements Should Be Considered In A Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator?

When you decide that a commercial automatic standby generator is the way to go for your business, there are several elements to consider to help you purchase the right one.

One, you need a standby generator that is large enough to power your business. Investing in a generator that does not provide enough power wastes money and will frustrate you tremendously.

Two, the generator you opt for should be easy to maintain. Luckily, after installation, you can get a quick tutorial on how to keep your generator for many years of usage.

Opting for an automatic generator is key to being happier with your decision. Yes, there are commercial generators on the market that are not automatic. For you, this means you have to start the generator manually when it is needed.

An automatic commercial generator will come on once the power has been off for a set period. Hence, when your business loses power at night, you do not have to go to the location to start the generator.

You should also consider the noise level of the generator and whether you must have something that operates quietly or not. Most automatic commercial generators will make some noise; you must look at your options to determine each option’s sound level and what you want.

Lastly, consider the fuel type that the generator will be using. Most commercial generators run on natural gas, propane, or diesel since most businesses can deliver a fuel tank and refill when needed. Of course, if you can run natural gas lines from your local gas company, that makes fueling your generator even easier!

Installation Of Commercial Automatic Standby Generators

Before you buy a commercial automatic standby generator, you must also consider the installation. You are putting a lot of stock into these powerful generators to keep your business powered during power outages. Thus, you want to be able to depend on the person who is installing yours.

You cannot install one of these units on your own. Commercial generators are different from portable home generators as they will be required to be hardwired into your business.

Hence, there are electrical elements to consider, as well as fuel hookups. This is not something anyone should attempt on their own, or they could cause a potentially dangerous situation.

The timetable for the installation may take a few days, depending on the generator you opt to go with and where it will be located. More time will be needed if the building has to be prepared for the generator installation.

Maintaining Your Commercial Automatic
Standby Generator After Installation

When looking at the various components of the generator you are getting for your business, consider the generator maintenance that will be required. The generators on the market may require various degrees of maintenance from the business owner.

Ideally, you want to perform visual inspections every month yourself to check for anything that seems out of place. Then, your electrician who installed the unit can do the heavier maintenance items like changing spark plugs, oil, and other elements.

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Standby Generator In Stroudsburg, PA

If you are ready to have your Stroudsburg, PA business prepared for a power outage, you need a commercial automatic standby generator. Luckily, Shafnisky Electric is the professional to call in the area for help choosing and installing these commercial generators.

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