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Automatic Standby Generators

When you have made the decision to install a Stroudsburg, PA commercial automatic standby generator into your business, many technical terms may come up. One of these terms is the automatic transfer switch.

An automatic transfer switch, or ATS, for short, is the way your Monroe County area generator makes a permanent and safe connection between the generator itself and the business. Hence, it is important for a generator to run properly.

You will be asked what type of automatic transfer switch you need in your generator, as there are several options. You can choose between those that connect to just a few circuits or the entire panel, as well as open, delayed, and closed transitions.

Commercial Automatic Standby Generator
With Critical Circuit ATS

An ATS that provides you with a few critical circuits is going to be hooked up to only run certain items when the power is out. For example, a business with a cooler and machines that work with food may have a generator that only runs their cooler when the power goes out.

The generators with this ATS will have the switch and a load center installed within the generator. When the power goes off, the generator will automatically kick in and run the selected circuits you deem necessary.

The positive of this type of switch is that you can have more control over how much power you need to use during the power outage. However, if you are only running a select few circuits, then you may not be able to do business as usual since everything may not have power.

Entire Electrical Systems Ran With Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

A commercial automatic standby generator provides service to the entire main service panel in the business. This means that when these generators click on due to a power outage, lights, machinery, and everything else that requires power will be working.

The benefit of this is that you can resume business as usual when the entire panel is provided with power during outages. However, the drawback is that this often means that your generator is running at full power, meaning it may use more fuel than if only a few chosen circuits were run by the generator.

Open, Closed & Delayed Switches In Commercial
Automatic Standby Generators

Whether you decide to have your switch controlling the entire electrical panel or a few circuits, you have the choice of going with an open, closed, or delayed switch.

An open transition switch is going to disconnect from the main power before going to the generator power during an outage. Whereas a closed transition switch will ensure that the new source is powered up and running before disconnecting from the old source of power, this is often seen in a hospital setting.

A delayed transition is like an open switch, but there is a longer delay between switching power supplies. These transitions are surge-resistant, making them a great option for those who want to protect their business.

Do You Need A Transfer Switch In Your Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator?

Believe it or not, some generators do not have these switches in them. However, many locations have a local code that requires a transfer switch to be installed on the generator.

However, even if the local codes do not require it, commercial standby generators are highly recommended to have a transfer switch installed. Why? Because it helps prevent backfeeding and helps with main power detection.

Backfeeding is when the generator isn’t separated from the main grid. In these cases, the power from the generator could be transferred back through the lines, transformers, and poles. When this happens, if someone is working on the line, it could shock and kill the worker due to the power that is being transferred.

For this reason alone, most places have made it local code to have a transfer switch installed on a generator.

In the event that the main power is restored, and you do not have a transfer switch, then the power could reach your generator while it is still running. The power surge that happens inside your business building could result in fire and other issues since you not only have the main power but also the generator power running throughout your building.

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