Choosing Your Emmaus, PA Billboard Lighting

6 Things To Consider When Choosing Your
Emmaus, PA Billboard Lighting

Choosing The Best Billboard Lighting
Will Ensure You Are Happy

There are a lot of aspects to consider when selecting billboard lighting in Emmaus, PA. After all, you are spending a lot of money to get your billboard seen in the Lehigh County area, so you want it to be money well spent.

How many options do you have when choosing billboard lighting? Believe it or not, it is more complex than most people realize. You can’t really tell someone to put lights on it and be done.

Instead, look at the six things you must consider when selecting the lights for your billboard!

The Location Of Billboard Lighting

Do you want your billboard to have lights on the top or the bottom of your billboard? While many billboards use spotlights attached along the top of the billboard, the use of floodlights is also an option.

Both are going to light up the billboard effectively. You have to decide which option works best for you.

Typically, people opt for the spotlights on the top of the billboard simply because it will eliminate any chance of these lights interfering with planes flying over.

How Bright Does Your Billboard Lighting Need To Be?

It may be tempting to tell someone to make the billboard lights as bright as legally possible. However, that is not always the best decision. Does paying for more colorful lights make sense when you don’t need them?

No, it doesn’t!

Instead, consider the area in which the billboard is being placed, the area around it, and the colors of the billboard.

Luckily, working with a professional who installs billboard lighting can help you choose how bright you need your lights. Here at Shafnisky Electric, we can give recommendations that are not only cost-effective but will ensure your billboard looks fantastic.

Where Will Your Billboard Be In Emmaus, PA?

When it comes time to add lights to your billboard, one of the more critical factors to consider is the location of it. There are regulations in place regarding lights on billboards.

For example, if the billboard is within 300 feet of a residential zone, you must be careful about what types of lights are used. In addition, you cannot have a brightly lit billboard where a major highway has an off or on-ramp.

The lighting standards ensure that the public is safe and the billboard is not a distraction that could cause accidents.

In protected land locations, you have to consider the effect of the lights on nature. For example, if you were to have your billboard near an area that houses a protected species of bats that can get confused with tons of lights, you would be unable to have lights on it.

The good news is that most billboards are only put in locations that will not interfere with nature or residential areas to begin with. However, it is still something to consider so you are not violating any ordinance.

Consider The Billboard Lighting Design

The lights that you use on your billboard can help or hinder its original design. So, it is essential to consider the overall design and where the lights would make the most impact.

For example, would it be better to highlight your business logo more than the billboard graphic? It is these types of design elements that must be taken into consideration for your billboard to have the intended effect.

You Want To Go With Economic And Effective Billboard Lighting

The goal of any business should be to save money where they can. Billboard lighting has several lighting options, so consider all of these, but remember you want the most economical lighting option that will still allow your billboard to be effective.

Luckily, LED lights are highly economical in terms of saving you money and are better for the environment when compared to other lights. In addition, these lights produce the right amount of lumens to effectively highlight your billboard.

What Is The Lifespan Of Billboard Lighting?

When billboard lighting started to become the “it” thing to do for businesses, lights were burning out at high rates. Running the lights was expensive because of how often they needed to be replaced.

When choosing the best lights for your billboard, the lights’ lifespan should be considered. With LED lights being the more common option, most people find they burn for 50,000 hours.

While you may think 50,000 hours is not a vast amount of time, it is actually around 2,083 days, which is a little over five and a half years. And that would be with the lights running 24/7.

It could be best to turn lights off when your business is not in operation to make lights more cost-effective.

Free Quotes For Your Emmaus, PA Billboard Lighting

If you are ready to dive into billboard lighting in the Emmaus, PA area, Shafnisky Electric will handle it for you. With over 35 years of experience, you are in good hands, and we are more than happy to help you decide which lighting is best for you.

Turn to Shafnisky Electric for your free quote today.

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