Design Guide For Billboard Lighting In Emmaus, PA

The Ultimate Design Guide For Your
Emmaus, PA Billboard Lighting

How To Get Effective Outdoor
Billboard Lighting

When considering Emmaus, PA billboard lighting, there are a lot of ideas that may come to your mind. You may think you want to make your billboard a blinking neon light promoting your business. Or you have the idea to have enough spotlights showcasing your billboard that it could probably be seen from space.

Billboard lighting is more complex than simply stating, “I want lights on the billboard.” It takes a lot of planning and an understanding of the rules to make it successful.

Luckily for those in Lehigh County, we have compiled the ultimate design guide to billboard lighting so you can get ideas and have a better understanding of what may work for your billboard. After all, taking the time now to understand the lighting of your billboard will pay off in the long run!

Key Components To Remember About Billboard Lighting

When it comes time to think about the lighting on your outdoor billboard, there are some key components that you have to remember. These key components include the rules, the message on your billboard, and design elements.

The Rules

Yes, there are rules about billboard lighting, just as there are rules for everything else. These rules were designed to ensure the safety of the general public.

The rules can vary from location to location, so working with a professional electrician, like Shafnisky Electric, on your billboard lighting is the best way to ensure you stick to the rules.

Some of the more common rules of billboard lighting ensure that the light does not affect residential and natural wildlife preserves. Hence, any billboard located near these areas may have more restrictions on the lumens than a billboard located on a major highway.

In addition, there may be restrictions on when the lights can be used. For example, some localities have the rule that the billboard can only be lit when the business has regular operating hours. Other localities may want the lights reduced after sunset and before sunrise.

The Message On Your Billboard

What type of message will your billboard contain? This is a vital component of your billboard, and it will dictate the kind of lighting you opt to go with.

Ideally, your lighting will only enhance your message. Knowing your message before you start on the lights is a must!

Design Elements To Consider

While working with a professional will ensure you meet all the necessary guidelines for lighting your billboard, they can also assist you with the design elements.

For example, will the message you want on your billboard fit with the billboard size you have to work with? Will you be putting your business information or just the logo on the billboard?

These design elements must be considered before your billboard will be up for the public to see.

Work With A Professional For Billboard Lighting

Designing your billboard is like a puzzle piece with several moving parts. You not only have the message itself but also the lighting to consider. Why wouldn’t you work with a lighting professional?

Not only will a lighting professional help you design the lights in the best way to showcase your message, but they will help you find the ideal solution that meets your budget.

Ultimately, working with an electrician ensures your billboard meets all the rules and regulations but also helps keep your costs down.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Designing
Your Emmaus, PA Billboard

You may want to ask yourself several questions when designing your billboard in the Emmaus, PA area. For example, what tone do you want your billboard to set?

Many businesses want to go with a message that is witty and funny. At the same time, others may decide to go with proper and business-like. The key to figuring out what to do is to determine what tone you want.

Secondly, consider all the colors, not only on the message but also on your lights. Traditionally, people would opt for billboards that use their branding colors. Flood lights are a wonderful option to make your brand stand out. However, remember, you don’t have to go with the traditional route if you don’t want to.

Lastly, how will the billboard stick out to those who see it? As always, you have competition. This means that figuring out how to make your billboard stick out is of vital importance.

Free Quotes For Your Emmaus, PA Billboard Lighting

If you are ready to light up your billboard, you need a professional to work with for your Emmaus, PA billboard lighting. At Shafnisky Electric, we have over 35 years of experience working with electricity, including billboard lighting. You will be in great hands when you opt to work with us.

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