Does Electrical Rewiring Improve Home Value?

How New Whole House Rewiring Improves
Your Fountain Hill, PA Home’s Value

Future-Proof Your Home And Boost
Value With Whole House Rewiring

When considering whole house rewiring in Fountain Hill, PA, there are many things to keep in mind. And there are many benefits. Rewiring your entire home is a great way to future-proof your home for many years to come.

The additional value gained with a new rewiring project is unmatched. Not only will your home’s monetary value increase, but it will be much safer and more convenient to use as well.

And there’s no better team for the job than Shafnisky Electric. We’ve been a top contractor for whole house rewiring in the Lehigh County Area for 35 years. We’ve helped many homeowners rewire their homes. We’re confident we can help you, too.

Whole House Rewiring Is A Must For
Older Homes In Fountain Hill, PA

One primary reason you might consider whole-home rewiring is that your home is simply getting too old. Older homes with outdated electrical systems can’t meet modern energy demands.

You might be dealing with insufficient breakers, knob and tube wiring, and other outdated electrical components in your home. Aside from not being able to keep up with your energy needs, older wiring is also much less safe.

The older the wiring gets, the more problems can occur. And if your home is getting up there in years, you could benefit significantly from new wiring. With new wiring, safety concerns will be a thing of the past.

You’ll be able to enjoy a much safer and convenient electrical system. And when installed by Shafnisky Electric, you know it will last many years.

Whole House Rewiring Is A Great Long-Term
Investment For New Homeowners

Apart from the added safety, many homeowners may rewire their homes to future-proof. You might have recently moved into a new home. And are unsure of the quality of your current wiring.

Even if your home’s wiring seems perfectly normal, there might be some additions or electrical upgrades you would like to make. And whole home rewiring can ensure that your home’s electrical system will be good for many years to come.

You’ll be able to enjoy the many conveniences of new wiring. And have the peace of mind of knowing that your home’s electrical system will be able to keep up with your needs.

Rewiring Your Fountain Hill, PA Home
Can Boost Its Value Immensely

Another reason homeowners might want to rewire their homes is for the added value. If you are trying to list your home soon, but your electrical system is less than ideal, whole house rewiring could be just what you need.

Potential homebuyers want a home they can see themselves in for many years. And if your home’s wiring is outdated, that could hurt its chances on the market.

You’ll be able to add many new, modern conveniences to your home that will make it stand out, such as smart home wiring, new interior lighting, and much more.

Can You DIY Home Rewiring In Fountain Hill, PA?

If you’ve dabbled with a few DIY electrical projects, you might wonder if home rewiring is a task you can take on yourself. And while it may seem like a good way to save money, this would be a big mistake.

Whole house rewiring involves many dangers. Even if you have plenty of experience with DIY electrical projects, this is not a job you should take on by yourself. It is always recommended that you contact a professional.

Need Expert Whole House Rewiring In Fountain Hill, PA?
Contact Shafnisky Electric Today For A Quote!

When needing reliable whole house rewiring in Fountain Hill, PA, you’ll want to work with a reputable team. You might speak with many electricians who promise the lowest prices. But few match the quality reached by Shafnisky Electric.

We’ve been Lehigh County’s go-to electrical team for decades. And we’ve been able to help many homeowners with their home rewiring needs.

When you choose us, you don’t just choose a standard electrical team. You choose a team that is dedicated to quality. And if you’ve been looking for a fair, honest, and hard-working team for your whole house rewiring, you’ve found the right one.

Please contact us at (610) 435-2237 or visit our website to get a free quote.

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