Ensuring Proper Billboard Lighting In Emmaus, PA

The 3 Steps You Need To Take To Ensure
Proper Billboard Lighting In Emmaus, PA

A Guide On Lehigh County
Area Billboard Lighting

Isn’t choosing Emmaus, PA, billboard lighting as easy as choosing a color and going on your way? While there may be those who think that, they are often surprised at how much really goes into ensuring proper billboard lighting.

It would be nice to point to a light color, say, “That’s the one,” and then start on the rest of your to-do list. That is simply not the way the process works. Believe it or not, every Lehigh County area billboard you see with lights went through a lengthy process to get the result you see when driving by.

The process can be long when lights are added to the picture. However, the benefits of having lights on your billboard far outweigh the extra steps you may need. To ensure you are ready for what is heading your way, check out these three steps you need to take to ensure proper billboard lighting in the area.

Understand All The Rules Of Billboard Lighting

There are rules to billboard lighting, just like there are rules to everything else. These rules are in place to ensure that when a billboard does have lights, it is in no way distracting for drivers to the point that it could cause an accident.

So, yes, while the rules may seem a bit lengthy, they are ultimately for the protection of the public.

Remember that every jurisdiction may change the rules slightly depending on what they see fit. However, for those in the Emmaus, PA, area, you will find that there are some hard and fast rules you need to keep in mind.

For example, no billboard within 300 feet of a residential area can have lights on it as it is deemed distracting. In addition, the lights you use on a billboard should not impact planes flying in the area; thus, any flood lights pointed upwards must be appropriately directed.

Lights should have a way to be dimmed and turned off when the business is not open so as not to advertise when closed. The lights cannot be so bright that they affect the vision of drivers or pedestrians who look at them.

The list can continue on the rules of what you can and cannot do, but these are some of the more important rules to remember. And they should be thought of before you hit the design stage.

The Design Phase Of Billboard Lighting

The design phase is always a fun stage for business owners. Not only are you designing the artwork that will be on the billboard, but the lighting as well.

Art is usually the first step in the design phase; what message will you have on the billboard? Will your logo be placed on the billboard?

Are you opting to include a message or a tagline on the billboard? What colors will be used prominently throughout the billboard?

Once you have the art and the message for your billboard, you can get to the “fun part” – the light options!

Choosing The Right Billboard Lighting

There are several billboard lighting options for a person to choose from. However, the most popular options are floodlights and spotlights, simply because they are affordable and highlight the billboard effectively.

Yes, we can work with you to determine whether a floodlight from the bottom or a spotlight from the top is the best option. Most people opt for spotlights simply because it removes the risk of complaints about the lights affecting those flying.

From there, it is about finding the right positioning for these lights. Do you want the entire board to be lit up when night falls? Maybe you just want to highlight the message and your logo?

These are all questions you can answer during the design phase, as we believe the lights you choose are part of an effective billboard design.

The End Result: Beautiful Billboard Lighting

There are a lot of questions you will need to answer and several decisions to be made about the billboard you plan to have in the area. Before getting frustrated, remember that billboard advertising is highly effective in getting a business seen. So, your hard work should pay off in the long run.

When you have the perfect colors and message, the lighting is the cherry on the top that makes the entire billboard pop. So, take your time, think about your options, and ultimately, the result will be a beautiful billboard with adequate lighting.

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