Faulty Wiring In Nazareth, PA | 24-Hour Emergency Service By Shafnisky Electric

24-Hour Emergency Service In Nazareth,
PA Prevents Hazardous Faulty Wiring

Quick 24-Hour Emergency Service Can
Protect Your Home From Faulty Wiring

When dealing with faulty wiring, you need reliable 24-hour emergency services in Nazareth, PA. Luckily, Shafnisky Electric has proudly served homeowners in Lehigh County for over 35 years.

We’ve helped protect thousands of families from faulty wiring that can pose many dangers to their homes. Older homes and homes with wiring installed by an amateur can particularly suffer from faulty wiring.

It can be tempting to DIY your electrical projects, but it is never advised. Faulty wiring can be very dangerous to handle if not equipped with the proper knowledge and safety tools.

That’s where Shafnisky Electric comes in. Our team of experts are all highly trained to diagnose and resolve any electrical issues you have. We’ll work quickly alongside you until the very end.

24-Hour Emergency Service Mitigates The Risks
Faulty Wiring Can Pose To Your Home

Maybe you’ve noticed your appliances are not working as they should. Or perhaps the lights in your Nazareth, PA home flicker constantly. These are both apparent signs of faulty wiring that should never be ignored.

If left unchecked, these issues can be hazardous to your home. Electrical shocks and house fires are two very concerning dangers. But with help from Shafnisky Electric, these problems can easily be resolved.

If a recent storm has caused issues in your home’s wiring, we’ll quickly fix them. The repair may be a simple outlet replacement, but it could also require whole-house rewiring to ensure your family’s safety.

No matter the case, you can rest easy knowing the Shafnisky Electric team has your back.

Wiring In Older Nazareth, PA Homes Can’t Handle
The Demands Of A Modern Lifestyle

A storm might not cause faulty wiring in your home. The problem could be in your old home’s wiring. High-power-demand appliances are becoming the norm. And a home with older 60-amp wiring just can’t output enough power for them all.

This can lead to frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, and malfunctioning outlets. In some cases, the faulty wiring in your home can even damage your new appliances. This can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

If this is the case for you, Shafnisky Electric is here to help with our 24-hour emergency services. We’ll be there at any hour to help resolve the issue. Our whole-house rewiring and service upgrades will bring your home into the modern era.

You won’t have to worry about old, faulty wiring causing issues anymore. All of the work done by our team comes with a two-year warranty. If our workmanship causes the issue, we offer a lifetime warranty.

Ignoring Signs Of Faulty Wiring In
Nazareth, PA Can Be Dangerous

Some might think that faulty wiring isn’t that big of a deal. If an outlet in your home suddenly stops working, you might be tempted to ignore it. After all, you can simply use a different outlet.

This would be a huge mistake. Faulty wiring is hazardous and should always be checked. It is a hazard that should be taken seriously, especially for families with young children.

If you notice any signs of faulty wiring, like malfunctioning outlets, circuit trips, or electrical shocks, always call a professional for 24-hour emergency service.

A professional can safely resolve the issue. And if you work with Shafnisky Electric, you’ll be satisfied with the final result.

Need 24-Hour Emergency Service You Can Depend
On In Nazareth, PA? Call Shafnisky Electric!

If not addressed quickly, faulty wiring can be frustrating, dangerous, and costly. Luckily, Shafnisky Electric is here to help.

Our 24-hour emergency services are available at any hour. You won’t have to wait until the sun rises to get a response from us. If you’re experiencing electrical issues, we’re the team that’s got your back.

Our team will help diagnose and fix any faulty wiring in your home. You can rest easy knowing your home’s electrical problems are in good hands. If you need 24-hour emergency service in Nazareth, PA you’ve come to the right place.

We invite you to call us at (610) 435-2237 or visit our website for a free quote.

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