From Frustrated To Fully Charged: An EV Charging Station Story

From Frustrated To Fully Charged: How
We Saved A Customer’s EV Dreams

We Stepped Up When Our Customer’s
EV Dealership Dropped The Ball

Gretchen, a vibrant and tech-savvy senior in PA, embraced the future by purchasing a new electric vehicle (EV). Excited to ditch the gas station, she called Shafnisky Electric to install a residential electric vehicle charging station in her home.

“Steve and Neville did an excellent job with the 220 line and car charger installation.”

After our installation, everything seemed to be running smoothly – until it wasn’t. Gretchen encountered difficulties using the charger, which was an issue the EV car dealership was responsible for fixing.

Unfortunately, Gretchen said they weren’t very helpful.

In fact, a visit from their technician left her even more confused and frustrated – with unanswered calls adding to her woes.

These are the situations where Shafnisky Electric really shines.

It Wasn’t Our Job – It Was Our Responsibility

We believe exceptional customer service goes beyond the initial installation. And we refused to leave Gretchen stranded. Recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction, we took a proactive approach.

Mike, our friendly head of Business Development, visited Gretchen’s home free of charge. He didn’t just talk – he listened. He reviewed the car’s manual, observed Gretchen’s charging routine, and identified a few user errors and misunderstandings.

With a little extra customer care, we solved Gretchen’s immediate problem and solidified our reputation as her trusted partner.

“I have used Shafnisky for two jobs in the last two years. Everyone who did the upgrade and installation of a 220 line was professional, on time, and helpful.”

The result? A thrilled customer who can now confidently use her EV charger. In her own words:

“This new technology is something I’m learning to use. Thanks to Mike DeLucia’s help, I’m on the way to being able to charge my vehicle at home. I highly recommend Shafnisky!”

At Shafnisky Electric, we proudly combine traditional values with emerging technology like EV car charging stations. And that’s exactly what we did for Gretchen.

It’s All About Our Customers

Building trust is a marathon – not a sprint. Even for minor concerns, going the extra mile fosters customer loyalty and establishes long-term relationships. And it all stems from our core promises:

  • We do what we say, and we do it well. Our promises are ironclad. We avoid empty guarantees and focus on achievable goals. Working in your home, we understand the trust you place in us. That’s why honesty and transparency are paramount.
  • We’re dedicated to your satisfaction. We prioritize your time. From your first contact, exceptional service is our hallmark. Our dedicated team tackles emergencies, offers expert advice, and delivers top-notch work that exceeds expectations.
  • We own our mistakes. Our licensed professionals are trained to report any issues immediately and transparently. In the very unlikely event that something goes wrong, we’ll be there in a flash to make things right – whether that means fixing an error or offering a refund.
  • You can count on us. Think of us as your dependable sidekick, always there when you need us. Our customers rely on us to be prompt, reliable, and true to our word. From 24-hour emergency electrical repairs to project assistance, our team shows up with a smile, ready to tackle any electrical challenge.

New technology can come with distressing hiccups, especially for those unfamiliar with it. Our clear explanations and post-installation support were crucial for Gretchen’s smooth transition to an EV. We were thrilled to help!

Finding The Best Electrical Contractors For Electric Vehicles

Exceptional service is a powerful differentiator – whether it’s responding to emergency electrical repairs or simply helping a client understand how to charge an electric vehicle at home. Businesses prioritizing customer satisfaction will win hearts (and repeat customers) in the long run.

In Gretchen’s case, it wasn’t just about the car. We knew that being reliable electrical contractors who prioritize customer education and exceptional service would make all the difference in her electric driving experience.

After all, no one should have to become an expert to enjoy the benefits of clean, sustainable transportation.

So, if you’re in the PA area and considering joining the electric vehicle revolution, contact Shafnisky Electric to schedule your free consultation. Start saving money and the planet today!

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