How Do Automatic Standby Generators Work For Bethlehem, PA, Homes?

How Do Automatic Standby Generators Work For Bethlehem, PA, Homes?

What To Expect From Your Automatic Standby Generator

Residential automatic standby generators can ensure your Bethlehem, PA, home stays comfortable no matter how long the power stays out. Unlike portable options, they can power your entire home, keeping all your essential appliances and devices operational. While they are immensely convenient, have you ever stopped to wonder how they work?

With no intervention required from you, an automatic home standby generator will start working as soon as your power goes out. We’ll explore the steps it goes through and what to expect when you have one of these powerful generators installed in your home. Read on for everything you need to know about how automatic generators work.

The Power Goes Out, And Your Generator Takes Action

Before the automatic home generator will start working, your primary power source must fail due to some reason. This could be inclement weather or a general equipment failure. Regardless of the reason, your Northampton and Lehigh Counties area home is in the dark.

Under normal circumstances, this would be a severe inconvenience in which you’d be stuck until power was restored, but you’ve invested in an automatic generator. At this point, it will automatically sense the loss of power and begin taking action.

Unlike manual generators, an automatic generator will turn itself on. So, if you’re at work or anywhere other than home, you don’t have to worry about this step because the unit will take care of everything.

Once turned on, the engine will turn the alternator, which generates the power. The internal combustion energy is converted into electrical energy through the efforts of this alternator. After the few seconds it takes to stabilize the engine’s speed and the electrical output, the transfer switch will isolate your home from the electrical grid.

The Generator Will Change The Transfer Switch To Emergency Power

With home standby generators, the automatic transfer switch ensures the generator becomes your permanent solution to any type of power outage. This transfer switch keeps the generator isolated from the utility lines. During an outage, the switch will disconnect the utility lines before connecting the generator.

This step serves two purposes. First, it prevents the possibility of accidentally backfeeding the power lines. Second, the generator is protected from damage when the power is restored.

Your Home Will Have Power From The Generator Until The Utility Service Is Restored

Once the home backup generator is up and running, you’ll have power throughout your home once again. Because they generally run on liquid propane or natural gas, you won’t have to worry about being without power for quite some time or at all.

Unlike all the other times you struggled through a power outage at your Bethlehem, PA, home, this time you’ll be comfortable with all the appliances and devices you need, like your HVAC system. You also won’t have to worry about all the lost money on spoiled food.

Your Generator Will Manage The Power Output

A standby generator will be overloaded if too many high-wattage appliances try to run simultaneously. There is a power management option that can prevent this from happening. Instead, it will make one appliance wait for another. This can be set up in the most efficient manner to ensure that priority appliances run first.

The Generator Will Turn Itself Off Again When Power Is Restored

As it knows when the power is off, your generator will also know when it’s restored. At this time, it will place itself back on utility power. Once it fully cools down, it will return to standby mode, waiting for the next power outage.

While it’s in standby mode, it will also run a 15-minute exercise weekly to ensure the fluids are fresh and the battery remains charged. You can customize this test to run when you want it to be scheduled. In addition, you can have the results emailed to you so you can verify your generator is ready for any emergency situation.

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