Maintenance Tips For Your Generator

9 Tips For Residential Automatic Standby
Generator Maintenance In Your
Northampton, PA Home

Keep Your Automatic Generator
Ready For Anything

Your residential automatic standby generator in Northampton, PA requires maintenance to live its fullest life. While our generators at Shafnisky Electric are built to last, and our workmanship has a lifetime warranty, it’s important to keep your electrical devices working their best.

General maintenance tips are a great way to take care of your generator and ensure you get as many miles out of it as possible.

The Right Automatic Home Standby Generator

The best way to maintain your automatic home generator is to start with the right option. Whether it’s the proper kilowattage or the best brand for the job, where you start affects your entire journey with your generator.

The Right Fuel For Your Home Backup Generator

Generators can take natural gas, liquid propane, or gasoline. You don’t have to be an expert to make your decision as long as you consult an expert. Professional electricians can guide you on the best fuel for your generator and situation.

Automatic Idle Control For Residential Automatic Standby Generators

One of the best ways to keep your generator in working condition is to get an automatic idle control. Most generators will run for four hours on one tank, but that depends on the size of the tank and generator.

Automatic idle control is a way to control the output to match your electrical load. This saves your generator from wearing down and even saves you on fuel.

Turn The Generator Off When Fueling In Northampton, PA

This is more than just a maintenance tip, it’s a safety tip. If your generator runs on gasoline, it needs to be refueled regularly. Turning your generator off before refueling is important, just like you would a vehicle. Ensure you also let the generator cool down before filling it up.

Turn The Generator Off When Fueling In Northampton, PA

Automatic standby generators should come with a system that lets you know when maintenance is necessary. Though the system varies in terms of details, at Shafnisky Electric, we suit our automatic generators up with a system that runs the generatorautomatically for 15 minutes once a week (time may vary).

The results of the test are sent to your phone, email, or whichever method you choose when you set up the automatic test system. That way, you know how your generator is doing even if you’re not using it.

Test Your Residential Generator In Northampton, PA

If your generator doesn’t have an automatic check system, turn it on once every few months to ensure it works. You don’t need to run it for more than 15 minutes for the test. While there won’t be a diagnostic test, you can still check if it’s running.

If there are loud noises, it doesn’t run, or you see anything that seems strange, call a professional electrician near you to look into the matter.

Change The Oil For Your Automatic Standby Generator

If your generator uses oil, keeping it clean and filled is important. The rule of thumb is to change the oil once a year. If you only use yours during emergencies, keeping track of the time is easy.

If you lose track, don’t worry. You can go up to 200 hours without changing the oil in some cases, so just make sure you change it before you hit the 200 mark.

The Weekly Check For Residential Automatic Standby Generator

While homeowners are rarely qualified to make repairs or diagnose issues, you should check your generator once a week. Check for any leaks, rodent infestations, a build-up of dust, and any other problems that seem obvious.

Call your local electrician to take a look if you see anything that is out of the ordinary. It’s always better to be safe when it comes to generators.

24/7 Generator Maintenance Service

Emergencies don’t always strike during daylight hours, so having an electrician on hand 24 hours a day is priceless. Shafnisky Electric always replies within 30 minutes of your call, so you know you have someone here you can count on in case of an electrical emergency.

For more information on residential automatic standby generators and installations in Northampton County, call Shafnisky Electric today for a free quote at (610) 435-2237!

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