Restoring Power After Storm Damage | Shafnisky Electric Offers 24-Hour Emergency Service In Nazareth, PA

How 24-Hour Emergency Service Can Restore
Your Power In Nazareth, PA Quickly

Emergency 24-Hour Service Ensures You
Won’t Have To Wait Long Before Your
Power Is Back On

If your home suddenly loses power, you need reliable 24-hour emergency service in Nazareth, PA. Luckily, Shafnisky Electric is here to help. We’ve proudly served our community for over 35 years and helped restore power to thousands of homes.

A powerful storm can strike at any moment, bringing unexpected storm damage, sometimes resulting in a loss of power. You may lose power in Nazareth, PA for many reasons, but Shafnisky Electric is well-equipped to handle them all.

Lightning may have overloaded your transformer, causing an outage, or heavy rain and wind may have damaged a powerline. You may have also experienced electrical surges that have tripped or damaged your circuit breakers.

No matter the case, Shafnisky Electric is here to help. We’ll work quickly and efficiently at any hour to restore power to your Nazareth, PA home.

Timely Communication Ensures Your Power
In Nazareth, PA Is Restored Quickly

It goes without saying, but the quicker you reach out for help during a power outage, the quicker our team can help. Communicating your needs clearly to the Shafnisky Electric team will ensure you receive the needed help.

When you contact us, our team will ask simple questions to understand your situation better. We’ll talk with you over the phone to help troubleshoot some common problems. But if you require hands-on assistance, we’ll send our expert team out quickly.

Once we’ve ruled out common causes, like a tripped breaker, our team will be sent to diagnose your issue.

You might be dealing with an overloaded transformer. Or, in the worst case, a downed powerline. Solving these issues can take some time, but Shafnisky Electric will easily handle them.

24-Hour Emergency Service Will Diagnose Underlying
Issues With Your Electrical System In Nazareth, PA

Maybe your electrical system worked just fine before and even a bit after a storm. But it hasn’t worked quite right since. The storm may have caused damage that wasn’t obvious until later.

It may have damaged your home’s electrical system without you even realizing it. In cases like these, Shafnisky Electric is the team to call.

Flickering lights, malfunctioning outlets, and constantly tripped breakers are a few problems you might be experiencing. While they might seem easy to fix yourself, it’s best to call a professional for 24-hour emergency service.

That’s where Shafnisky Electric comes in. We’ll work fast to diagnose the issue at any hour. We’ll be right there with you until the problem is solved completely. With our 24-hour emergency services, you won’t have to wait long before your power is restored.

What Should I Do When My Power
Goes Out In Nazareth, PA?

Power outages in Northampton County are sadly inevitable. They can occur at a moment’s notice and sometimes take a while to sort out. Resuming your day-to-day life while your power is out can be hard.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Shafnisky Electric happily offers reliable generator installation services. A quality generator can keep your home’s power up and running during an outage.

While our 24-hour emergency service team is hard at work resolving your power outage, you can still live comfortably.

Need Reliable 24-Hour Emergency Service
In Nazareth, PA? Call Shafnisky Electric!

Nobody wants to deal with a power outage in Nazareth, PA. They can be dangerous, inconvenient, and sometimes costly. And if you don’t have the right team, they won’t be resolved quickly.

Luckily, Shafnisky Electric is here to help with our 24-hour emergency services. We’ll be there quickly to diagnose and resolve any power issues you may have after a storm.

Attention to detail, efficient work, and honesty are all qualities you can expect from our team. When you call us, you can rest easy knowing your electrical needs are in good hands.

If you’ve been looking for a 24-hour emergency service team in Nazareth, PA you’ve found the right team. We encourage you to call us at (610) 435-2237 or contact us on our website here for a free quote.

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