Safety First, Last, And Everywhere In-Between

Safety First, Last, And Everywhere In-Between

Trust Shafnisky Electric To Put Your
Welfare WAY Up Front

At Shafnisky Electric, we are obsessed with safety – yours and ours. As the region’s premier emergency electrical services provider, we recognize the potential dangers of an error in judgment when rewiring or installing service.

The most common electrical hazards include the following:

  • Arc flashes
  • Electrical fires
  • Electrical shock
  • Thermal burns to internal and external tissue.

We do everything to prevent these from occurring.

For instance, we ALWAYS use wires of a thick enough gauge to handle the current without heating. We recommend childproofing outlets to all households with kids. We install ground fault circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent shocks, ground faults, overheating, fires, and wire insulation damage.


Because the welfare of our customers is our highest priority, and keeping you safe is our most important goal.

That Time We Learned Our Lesson

We pay close attention to details and recommend top brands for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Brands like Firex, Kidde, and First Alert BRK manufacture reliable products we trust to protect your family, though they cost more.

Once, during a media room installation, we made a bad mistake. As usual, we recommended the homeowner invest in the top brands to limit his risk, but he declined to do so. Instead, he had us install a lesser brand to save money.

Our mistake? We agreed to do it!

As far as we know, there was no fire, and the cheap equipment worked fine.

But we felt so anxious afterward that we’ve never again compromised on safety. If we had it to do over again, we’d eat the additional cost ourselves and install the more expensive items anyway.

We’ve learned our lesson, so we follow other rules too.

Protection Matters

We never compromise on the use of protective gear. Our proven electricians consistently wear personal protective equipment like insulated gloves, safety shoes, and protective goggles.

They also use additional protective gear like line hoses, rubber blankets, live line tools, and rubber hoods.

Lastly, we maintain plenty of business insurance that covers any damage to your home if a rare mishap should happen.

Exterior Lighting And Blackouts

Many homeowners have us install household generators to keep their power on during blackouts. Often, they can’t imagine why they’d need to power more than a light or two, charge their cell phones, and run the fridge.

So, they choose the smallest, least expensive generator available.

However, as concerned as we are about safety, we encourage them to consider such a situation carefully. Might they not want to keep their exterior lighting operational, too?


Because a blackout could last days, and a neighborhood in utter darkness could be attractive to thieves. Functional exterior lighting would indicate the house is lived in and eliminate shadows where intruders might hide.

Plus, a lighted front porch would make your home far easier to locate if you must contact first responders.

In fact, we can even help you alert the police or ambulance during periods when the lights are NOT out. We’ll install a front door light that flashes once per second to get their attention.

We once installed one of these for a customer who once watched the first responders pass their home three times before getting it right.

Our Crew Members Know Their Limits

Our workers are all skilled professionals – but at different levels and in different areas. For instance, Some have certifications in cable splicing and instrumentation. Others have Electrical Technician or Maintenance Technician certification. Our team even features multiple Master Electricians.

We hire a diverse crew so we can match each member’s capabilities to the job at hand. But sometimes, unexpected issues arise. Fortunately, our electricians know not to attempt repairs or design systems that are outside their skillset.

When necessary, we just reassign a team member with the necessary knowledge and credentials.

We’ve learned our lesson and consider safety our top priority. Whether it’s using the proper safety gear or not compromising on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, we are adamant.

So, if you need electrical wiring or electrical repair, work with an electrical services contractor committed to safety. Contact Shafnisky Electric in the Lehigh Valley to schedule your free quote.

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