Setting Up An Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Your Home In Macungie, PA

Setting Up An Electric Vehicle Charging Station
In Your Home In Macungie, PA

Making Things Easier With A Home EV Charging Station

Having an electric vehicle (EV) charging set up in your home in Macungie, PA is a great way to avoid the inconvenience of public charging stations. A home EV charging station allows you to save energy and charge your car whenever you like, reducing the need for public charging stations. You raise your home’s value and reduce your carbon footprint. 

How To Set Up An Electric Vehicle Charging Station

If you want an EV charging setup for your home, follow these steps. This setup requires the help of licensed professionals to ensure the work is done correctly.

Make Sure Your Home Has Enough Capacity

For an electric vehicle charging setup, you need a home that is capable of handling the load. Typically, a charger requires a 240V circuit. If needed, call an electrician to better understand your EV capacity.

Pick The Best Type Of EV Charger For Your Home

When choosing your EV charger, three types are available.

  • Level 1 Chargers: These come with your electric vehicle, but do require a specific circuit dedicated to it. It takes 8 to 12 hours to charge an empty battery.
  • Level 2 Chargers: These chargers are the most common. They reduce charging time to anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. These units require a minimum 240-volt circuit.
  • Level 3 Chargers: Level 3 Chargers are very powerful. Charging through a 480V plug, they can give an 80% charge to your vehicle within half an hour. These chargers aren’t compatible with all vehicles. Level 3 chargers aren’t available for residential use at this time. Do we back out completely since our target is residential in this ad. Better yet, maybe we leave the two sentences you have but add my sentence that these are not available for residential installation yet.

Get The Necessary Permits And Inspections

Depending on your local government, you may need a permit for installation. Some places require you to get an inspection. You’ll need an expert to make sure your station has been installed correctly, and there are no safety hazards.

Choose An EV Station Location

Once you’ve evaluated the capacity of your home, the next step is to choose a location for your charging station. Your electric vehicle charging station should be installed keeping in mind the distance from your electric vehicle, charging cord length, and protection from weather and other forms of outside damage. Other considerations are where is your charging point located? Front or rear and left or right side?

Install Your EV Station

After you’ve done all the setup, the next step is to install the charging station. Have a licensed electrician perform the installation. Some things to expect from the installation process include a new circuit on your electrical panel, wiring to your charger, and the installation of the charger itself.

Register And Setup

After the installation is complete, you’ll perform any software set-up required for your vehicle. These setups are mostly related to smart vehicles, so it may not apply to all electric car owners.

Benefits Of Installing An Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Macungie, PA

An electric vehicle charging setup in the Lehigh County Area comes with a ton of benefits for your home and convenience. Here are just a few of the benefits of installing an EV charging station in your home.

Convenient For Your Electric Vehicle

One of the key reasons to get a personal electric vehicle charging station is its convenience. It allows you to recharge your vehicle whenever you want without the need to leave your home. Public charging stations are becoming more widely available. But, it is great to have a reliable charging station at your disposal.

Increased Property Value

With electric vehicle charging stations becoming more common, it adds to your home’s value to have a station installed. Consider an EV station installation if you plan to eventually sell your home.

Cheaper Fuel Costs

Electricity is typically less expensive than gasoline. You save on fuel costs by having an electric vehicle and charging it in your home. This is a great alternative to standard vehicle fueling methods. You can further extend your savings by charging your vehicle during times when electricity rates are low.

Lower Emissions

In various ways, electric vehicles have the potential to lower your carbon footprint. EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. Your electricity may come from renewable resources. If it does, you greatly reduce emissions when charging at home.

Call Our Licensed Installers For Your EV Home Setup Services In Macungie, PA

Get the ideal electric vehicle station setup for your Macungie, PA home. Our team of licensed installers provides you with all the information you need for the best vehicle charging station for your property. Contact us at Shafnisky Electric today for a free consultation.

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