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Why Do Our Projects Go As Smooth As Glass?
Shafnisky Electric’s Laser Focus On Safety

Our Virtuoso Electricians Never Cut Corners
So Your Allentown, PA Home Is Secure

As you might have heard, the use of substandard, not-up-to-code wiring is sometimes the root cause of electrical fires, electrical shock, or other hazards.

This sounds scary, and it can be.

But you can breathe easily when you seek an electrician in Northampton County because, at Shafnisky Electric, we adhere to all possible safety standards. In fact, we’re a little obsessive about it.

But we don’t think that’s out of line. Think about it. You, the customer, are our bread and butter. You are everything to us.

Through word of mouth, online customer reviews, advertising, or just plain luck, we have won you as a customer. But, to us, that isn’t where our efforts end. It’s only where they begin.

Since we want you to recommend us to your friends – and to call us again the next time you need an electrician – we have to keep you and your building safe.

In fact, our work has to be exceptional. Pristine. We have to provide a seamless experience before, during, and after our arrival at your home or business.

Not many Northampton County electricians devote this level of conscientiousness to their work. But we do.

If you ever experience an electrical emergency of any kind, we are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That’s how dedicated we are to your well-being.

Obsession With Safety Makes Us
Electrician Superstars

We have been serving the Lehigh Valley with residential electrical and commercial electrical service for more than 35 years. During that period, our team of skilled electricians has followed every possible safety guideline to keep your family and employees safe.

This includes all those listed in Chapter 27 of the Pennsylvania Building Code as well as those we’ve curated ourselves through decades of on-the-job experience.

We therefore have a safety record that is second to none. Here’s how we’ve done it.

Our Electricians Never Go Beyond Their Training

We have a diverse crew of electrical professionals. Some are certified in cable splicing and instrumentation. Others have Electrical Maintenance or Electrical Technician certification. We even boast Master Electricians on our team.

We try to match the capabilities of each crew member to the job at hand. But sometimes, unexpected issues arise.

When that happens, our electricians know not to attempt repairs or designs beyond their training and experience level. We’ll simply call in a member of our team with the necessary credentials and knowledge.

We Always Design For The Long Term

When we design an electrical system, we don’t simply patch it together and call it “good enough.” We always design with the future in mind.

An electrical system can overheat when the wires and/or circuit box are unable to handle the amount of current the building’s occupants demand.

The wires start to glow, their insulation can melt, and nearby items may ignite. This often happens in older homes whose electrical systems were designed to handle much smaller loads.

To avoid this hazard, we choose fully insulated wires rather than the flimsy kind that might soon wear thin. We install thicker gauge wiring to handle the increase in current your home or business might require in just a few years due to changing technology.

We also select robust circuit breakers that can withstand the higher amperage your system will likely draw in the future.

These precautions minimize the risks of an electrical fire or a nasty shock occurring in your home or business.

We Always Use Protection

In addition to protecting your building, we take measures to ensure our electricians protect themselves. By doing so, we shield our customers from the possibility of a liability claim.

For instance, our electricians utilize personal protective equipment like safety goggles, insulated gloves, and safety shoes. They also use insulating equipment like live line tools, line hoses, rubber blankets, and rubber hoods.

Finally, we maintain a healthy amount of business insurance so you never have to file a claim with your provider should a rare mishap occur.

If you seek an electrician who is hyper-focused on safety precautions, contact Shafnisky Electric. We have served the Lehigh Valley for more than 35 years and have an immaculate safety record. Reach out today for a free quote.

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