The Time We Turned Down A $10K Electrical Job

Why We Turned Down A $10,000 Job

If We’re Not 100% Certain We Can Help You
Reach Your Goals, We Won’t Take The Job

At Shafnisky Electric, we take great pride in the relationships we develop with our customers. We hope every homeowner we serve becomes a “long-term” customer and calls us if and when they need electrical solutions in the future.

And one homeowning pair, in particular, became more than our long-term customers – they’ve become our friends. We’ve helped them with their Nazareth, PA electrical needs for 20+ years.

They know that we will steer them in the right direction and tell them if an electrical service is NOT necessary. As a result, we’ve saved them from spending tens of thousands of dollars over the past twenty years.

The Issue: The Hallways Were FREEZING

The client had a three-bedroom home. One room was a bedroom, another was an office, and the third room was a massage room.

The client had major issues keeping their entire home warm without driving the energy bill through the roof. You see, their house isn’t ideally insulated. However, it also can’t be insulated any more than it already is.

To keep the home warm without driving the energy cost sky high, the homeowners closed the bedroom doors and turned off their electric heat for those areas.

That makes sense, right? Close the doors to rooms that aren’t in use. You’ve probably heard that before.

However, it’s not that simple. We don’t recommend “freezer rooms.”

Here’s the issue: The hallways were freezing, and it cooled off the entire home severely. After all, it gets very cold during the Pennsylvania winter months.

Moreover, they worked out of their home. So, they had to blast the heat to get it to a comfortable temperature before a client came over. This would take hours of the heat on overdrive before the home was comfortable.

As you might imagine, this drove the energy costs sky-high.

To fix this issue, they called us.

A Possible Solution: $10,000 Electrical Heat

The client inquired about several possible solutions.

Their primary goal was to put more heat in the hallways so they weren’t freezing.

There were two primary ways to accomplish that (or so they thought):

  1. Electric baseboard heat
  2. Mini Split

Before us, they even had an HVAC company come out, but they weren’t able to provide them with a solution other than simply turning up the heat.

Well, we were much more thorough. We spent an hour or more with them going over their problem and possible solutions.

Ultimately, we decided the electrical solutions (baseboard heat in the hallways or a mini split) weren’t worth it, especially since they were on a fixed budget. So, we found a new, more innovative way for them to accomplish their goals.

The Ultimate Fix: FREE At-Home Fixes That Work

The proposed solutions would likely cost the homeowners $7,500 to $13,000. And they would only use their new hallway heat for two months of the year. That’s quite a pretty penny for just two months of the year.

So, we advised them NOT to do it.

Would we have appreciated a $10,000 payday? Sure. But we’ll never sell a client something they don’t need, and that won’t 100% undeniably allow them to reach their goals.

Our recommendation: at-home fixes that cost them nothing.

Electric baseboard heat in the hallway or a mini-split wouldn’t be worth the investment. Instead, we helped them make their home more comfortable through easy (yet subtle) changes. Here’s precisely what we recommended:

  • Keep The Bedrooms Heated – Contrary to how it may seem, you shouldn’t entirely shut off the heating for rooms you use. You can turn them down when you leave (maybe 5 degrees), but NOT all the way.
  • Leave The Blinds And Shades Open – The house didn’t have much natural light, but the bedrooms did have windows. The homeowners had kept the blinds closed throughout the day. We directed them to open the blinds while the sun was out and keep them closed when the sun went down. That way, they were able to keep the bedrooms (and the hallway) warmer. This is a very easy trick to remember by simply setting a recurring alarm on your smart phone.
  • Leave The Bedroom Doors Cracked – By keeping the rooms heated and the door cracked, the hallways stayed warm.

They agreed to try our suggestions for the next couple of weeks. We’re happy to report that it worked like a charm. It wasn’t perfectly warm, but it was sufficiently warm for the two or three coldest months of the year, where lack of heat was previously an issue.

Even with a price hike from their energy company, they still managed to save $50 per month over their last year’s use. More than that, the house was more comfortable.

At Shafnisky Electric, We Deliver With 100% Certainty

At Shafnisky Electric, we put our customers first and help them find a reliable (and affordable) fix.

If we don’t feel we can deliver with 99% certainty that you’ll reach your goal, we will seek a different solution.

If you need electrical services in the Allentown area from electricians you can trust, then call Shafnisky Electric today for a free quote.

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