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You have options for your Emmaus, PA billboard lighting. The selection of billboard lighting has grown and changed throughout the years as technology has evolved.

Choosing your billboard lighting may be easier than you thought when you look at your options for those in the Lehigh County area.

However, to help you along with the process, we invite you to take a look at the types of billboard lighting and the past options that have allowed the industry to get to where it is now.

The Billboard Lighting Options Of The Past

While you may think that lighting up billboards is a new trend, you would be wrong. Even forty years ago, people realized how vital billboards could be to their advertising and embraced these, complete with lighting options.

Reflective Tape

One of the first types of billboard lighting was reflective tape. This tape only lit up when the headlights of cars hit it. It could be seen on billboards across the United States until about the 1960s.

While reflective tape was highly effective in lighting up a billboard, it doesn’t work with the vinyl used on the billboards today. Back in the day, the tape was adhered to plywood to make the sign.

Neon Lights

While you can still see neon light signs everywhere, you aren’t witnessing these with many billboards. The tubing required for neon lights is expensive and takes time to make. When you take the process and try to use it on billboards, switching out your billboard message becomes too costly.

Hence, neon lights were not a colossal billboard lighting option in the past, but once other options were available, neon was left for store lighting, as store signs don’t change as much as billboards.

Household Bulbs

It has been over fifty years since the typical household bulb was used on billboard signs, but it was once a cheap way to light billboards. However, since these were essentially the same bulbs used in homes, they were not super bright and did not have a long life.

They were a short-lived option on the market.

Quartz Lights

In the 1970s, quartz lights were all the rage on billboard signs. Everyone thought they had found the perfect lighting solution since these were reasonably bright and allowed billboards to be seen easily.

The big downfall of quartz was the amount of electricity it used to shine. When prices increased for power, companies dropped the quartz lights in favor of something cheaper to run.

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights were introduced to replace quartz lights, and they did so in a huge fashion. They were much more energy efficient while providing a ton of light to help billboards be seen, allowing halogen to dominate the industry for over half a century.

Today’s Billboard Lighting Options

As billboards have changed in terms of the type of art displayed, the light options have also grown. Floodlights are the most common type of billboard lighting that is seen today.

You will see them driving down a major highway. More often than not, the lights are attached at the top of the billboard and shine down to illuminate the entire billboard.

The type of bulb used in the floodlight is metal halide or LED. More and more businesses are opting for LEDs as they have been shown to save a ton of money on electric costs without sacrificing any brightness that highlights the billboard.

Metal Halide VS LED Floodlights

In most cases, a billboard will have a 250-watt metal halide floodlight, which is 220 volts of energy used and lasts around 10,000 hours. A LED bulb will be 100 watts and use anywhere from 110 to 260 volts of power. But it will last approximately 50,000 hours.

Both types of floodlights at these wattages will give you 12,000 lumens to light up your billboards, which is considered perfect for seeing your message.

The difference is that the LED flood light uses less energy and lasts longer. Hence, when finding a billboard lighting option today, LED floodlights are becoming the standard way to go!

Inner Illumination

One of the newer types of billboard lighting being used is inner illumination. The vinyl or cloth placed onto the billboard is thinner than usual. The light is then placed behind the billboard to illuminate it from behind.

With LED lights, many people find the billboard lights up the entire message at a low cost while giving you more design freedom.

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