We’re Known For Our Attention to Detail

Trust Our Championship Electricians For
Obsessively Detailed Installations

We REFUSE To Cut Any Corners
Or Skip A Single Solitary Step

When you need expert electric services in North Jersey, you can’t do better than to work with us at Shafnisky Electric.


Because of our unswerving attention to detail.

We are so laser-focused on the tiny particulars and subtleties of your home rewiring or new installation job that we don’t overlook things or make mistakes. We dot every “i” and cross every “t” on all we do.

We connect every wire firmly and take every safety precaution. We check, double-check, and triple-check our work. We work as a team and have each other’s backs, so we catch any mistakes before you ever have a chance to see them.

Our work isn’t always perfect the first time. It only seems that way.

Instead, we spare no effort to prevent imperfections from slipping past us so that, by the time it’s time to power back up, it all works as expected.

How Do You Benefit From Our 100% Attention?

We are driven to offer nothing less than perfection during every commercial or residential electric project. To achieve that, we must give you our full attention and meticulous care. We pay attention to the details that other electrical contractors might ignore.

For example, we arrive on the dot and take all possible safety precautions. We check to make sure your electrical system can support your household’s load without overheating. We check the breakers to make sure they trip properly. And when necessary, we suggest adding circuits to avoid short circuits or overloads.

Our hyper-focus on your home’s electrical details benefits you in numerous other ways.

Immaculate Customer Care

We customize our electrical solutions to meet your individual needs.

To start, during the estimating process, we provide multiple options to accommodate your preferences and achieve your goals.

We are also a great choice when you need 24/7 emergency services. But we take things much further once we arrive at your door.

We are vigilant about treating your home with respect.

We wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on fixtures and boot covers to avoid tracking dirt or debris into your home.

We also remove any unnecessary labels from the fixtures and appliances we install so the system looks pristine instead of cluttered. And we apply a protective layer of electrical tape to every device connection, eliminating the risk of short circuits and ensuring long-term, trouble-free service.

Finally, we do our best to accommodate your requests, such as the placement of switches, outlets, and electrical boxes. The more fully we can accommodate you, the more satisfied you are likely to be with our electrical services.


Management double-checks everything our teams do to ensure we continue to provide award-winning service and learn ways to improve.

After the job is done, before we send the invoice, we make a courtesy call to double-check whether everything is operating as you’d hoped. If you are not yet 100% satisfied, we return and fine-tune the project until you are.

We Do It Right The First Time

We treat each job as if it were the most important project on our list, whether it’s a simple outlet replacement or a whole-house electrical system upgrade. So, we prioritize perfect results over project speed. Then, we test the system to make sure everything is as it should be. We devote all the time a job needs to ensure an ideal outcome.

We take time to answer all your questions and address any concerns.

The job is not complete until you are happy with it. If it takes longer than we anticipated, that cost is on us – not you.

And we stand behind our work by providing a lifetime warranty that covers any errors made during installation. When you’re as careful as the electricians here at Shafnisky, a lifetime warranty on your work is the safest bet in the world.

We also cover the materials we sell with a 2-year product warranty.

These warranties give you that peace of mind that only comes from knowing you keep our full attention after the project is complete and well into the future.

So, if you want to work with an electrical services contractor who gives you 100% of their attention, contact us at Shafnisky Electric in North Jersey to schedule your free quote.

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