We’re So Professional, We Could Dress Like Bankers

We’re So PROFESSIONAL, We Could Dress
Like Bankers Instead of Electricians.

Competent. Efficient. Experienced.

There are many commercial and residential electrician services throughout the North Jersey and Lehigh Valley region.

However, only Shafnisky Electric guarantees 100% unrivaled, never-been-matched professionalism from every member of our team. Our workers are always friendly, respectful, efficient, competent, and helpful.


Because we hire only the best candidates and then coach them carefully in our methods.

We are continually looking for good-natured, courteous, cooperative individuals – and when we find them, we snatch them up before the competition can. That’s why they are so willing to exceed your expectations.

Then we pay them well, so they’ll stick around. That’s the reason we boast so many experienced and accomplished electricians on our staff.

So, what other steps do we take to make sure you receive the utmost professionalism?

Our Three Pillars Of Professionalism

We’ve built our stellar reputation on three pillars of professionalism. These support everything we do and ensure that you receive expert work and friendly, competent service.

Uncommon Communication

One of the first things we teach our recruits is the importance of maintaining a consistent, open line of communication with the customer.

So, we constantly keep you in the loop about the status of your electrical project and encourage you to ask questions, provide feedback, and offer suggestions.

For instance, during a rewiring project, if you’d like an outlet or light switch moved to a particular location, just let us know, and we’ll get it done. We also inform you when we’ve completed each step of the project and update you about any delays or unexpected issues.

You’ll always know what’s happening, where we’re at with your job, and when you can expect the next step to begin or the project to be finished.

Spotless Appearance And Behavior

We insist our workers maintain a professional appearance and behavior as long as they are on your premises or at our office.

They keep their hair and facial hair tidy and wear clean, well-maintained, and appropriate clothing. They wear uniforms displaying the Shafnisky Electric logo, as well as close-toed shoes and tucked-in shirts.

The equipment they bring into your home is clean and functional, and any vehicle bearing the Shafnisky Electric name is expected to be spotless at all times.

Moreover, our employees know and prefer to treat clients with respect and cordiality. You won’t see them horsing around, making jokes, or wasting time. Their goal is to complete your job promptly and satisfactorily and return your home to a pristine state.


As the old proverb states, “Manners maketh man.” Our crew will represent us by dressing and behaving professionally, treating you cordially, and paying close attention to even the tiniest details.

Time-Tested Core Principles

As a company, we are guided by tried-and-true core values that put YOU first. These include the following:

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability

We are committed to offering you the finest workmanship and swiftest emergency electrician service in the area. And we hope to satisfy all your electrical needs – current or future.

We behave with integrity during every customer interaction, such as when pricing a job or estimating a completion date.

We work as a team, so all team members have each other’s backs. They catch errors or any item that veers from the job specifications before it can become a problem. And we never point fingers or try to pass blame if something does go wrong.

Instead, we own up to it and fix things immediately.

These and other core values have been with us since the beginning and are now part of our DNA.

So, if you need help with an electrical problem in North Jersey and want to work with ultra-professional electricians, contact Shafnisky Electric to schedule a free consultation.
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