What’s Required For A Residential Service Upgrade?

What’s Required For A Residential Service Upgrade
At Your Allentown, PA, Home?

Understanding The Process Of Upgrading Your
Home’s Electrical Service

If you’re having significant electrical problems at your Allentown, PA, home, it may be time for a service upgrade. Also, if you have an older home and still have the original electrical service, upgrading to 200-amp service can bring a lot of benefits, including the ability to handle an increased electrical load from a higher number of modern appliances.

Before you get a service upgrade, you may want to know more about it. Understanding a few key points can help you make the best decision for your home.

The process should only be trusted to a licensed electrician with a history of providing excellence in their work. We’ll cover all the requirements for a residential service upgrade so you’re prepared for yours.

Permits To Work On Your Electrical Service

Your electrical contractor should obtain the needed permits to work on your electrical service upgrade. In Lehigh County, any upgrades to electrical systems require permits, whether completed by homeowners or agents.

Your electrician will apply for their permit at the local municipality to ensure their work is approved before starting.

They’ll also know the information required to obtain the permit, which you may not be familiar with, including:

  • Electrical device location
  • Conductor size and type
  • Schedule of panel and subpanel

Cut Off The Power To Your Home

Throughout the process, you’ll need to expect to be without power. There cannot be any live current running through any circuits while the electrician is working. This would put them at severe risk for electrocution. However, the process will generally be done in one day, keeping your discomfort to a minimum.

Have The Utility Company Disconnect The Cables From Your Home

The power cables will also need to be disconnected from your Allentown, PA, home, which is normally a job for the utility company. This will need to be arranged in advance to ensure your service upgrade goes as planned with no setbacks.

Shafnisky Electric is authorized under the power company’s Fast Track Program. This means we are allowed to upgrade existing service entrance facilities and make the permanent connection between PPL’s service drop and the customer’s service entrance conductors, using specified connectors.

Completion Of The Wiring

Once your home is entirely devoid of electricity, the electrician will begin the rewiring process. Typically, a residential service upgrade involves the removal and replacement of the main components of the system. This will likely include your electrical panel, electrical meter, and appropriate wiring. In some cases, it may include your meter mast.

The meter mast is the steel conduit running from your electrical meter, up through the roof or overhang and where the power company’s service wire attaches to the mast so the wires can be connected. This is found on some overhead services. As the homeowner, you are responsible for any repairs or upgrades to the physical mast, while the electrical utility owns the lines.

Your electrical meter may not need to be replaced during a service upgrade. However, in some older homes, the meter may be found inside. If that’s the case with yours, your electrician will relocate it to the new meter location.

The electrical panel will be upgraded to a 200-amp panel, ensuring your home can handle modern-day appliances. Sometimes, your electrician may need to relocate your panel or add additional panels.

Restore Power and Have The Service Upgrade Inspected

Shafnisky Electric will restore your power (fast track certified…) Before your Lehigh County home’s service upgrade can be finalized, the work must be inspected. Your contractor will coordinate with the electrical inspection agency to ensure the inspection gets scheduled for the appropriate time to coincide with the completion of their work.

Once the inspection is finished and their work is approved, the job is considered completed.

If You Need A Reliable Service Upgrade For Your Allentown, PA, Home, Call Shafnisky Electric

When you need an electrical service upgrade for your Allentown, PA, home, it’s essential to find a company that’s going to be on top of the job, as it’s too important to leave to just anyone. Here at Shafnisky Electric, we’re not your average run-of-the-mill electrician – we hold a Master Electrician’s License.

We provide top-notch services, ensuring you get the best quality for your investment. Your work will be completed with the utmost precision and care, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.

Call Shafnisky Electric today at (610) 435-2237 to schedule a free quote.

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