Why A Professional Should Install Your Generator

Why You Should Have Your Standby Generator
Professionally Serviced In Northampton, PA

Keeping Your Home Safe And Powered With
Residential Automatic Standby Generators

Are you considering installing a residential automatic standby generator in Northampton, PA? There’s a reason people get certified to install generators. It’s a big job that takes proper training and a lot of expensive equipment.

Before you begin a home installation on your own, think about the risks of doing so, as well as the benefits of hiring a professional. Knowledge is power for homeowners in Northampton County.

Safety For Home Standby Generators

Safety is the primary concern when you install your own standby generator. From fires to electrocutions, working on anything electrical without a license is dangerous. Professional electricians know the risks and how to deal with them so they don’t get injured on the job.

Details Of A Household Standby Generator

Some homeowners successfully install their generators without injury yet find problems soon enough. The generator becomes noisy, or turning it on flips the breaker. A professional electrician will be able to address potential issues before they become a problem.

And what about ensuring the generator works as it should? Automatic generators should turn on when the power goes out. But it’s challenging to test them alone.

Codes For Standby Generators In Northampton, PA

Keeping up with codes is a big job and extremely important. Knowing these codes is part of the job description for a professional electrician who installs residential generators. The NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC) is a handbook that electricians reference, teaching them how many amps per circuit, which plug-ins require ground-fault interrupters, and more.

If your electrical company finds out you’re not up to code, you’ll have to do a lot of rewiring, which is extra time and money. They may even shut off your power until you fix the issue.

Warranty On Your Home Back-Up Generator

Warranties are important. If you install an automatic home standby generator, you risk voiding the warranty that the generator initially carries. When a professional installs the generator, you keep the warranty, which is a huge cost advantage should something happen to your generator or if it ages out in the future.

Tools For Residential Automatic
Standby Generators

The proper tools can make a difference in any electrical installation, an automatic home generator is no exception. From the simple torque wrench to an electrician’s ammeter and voltage tester, the right tools are the only way to get the job done safely.

Automatic Home Standby Generator Insurance

Insurance claims should be taken advantage of. But when you install your standby generator on your own, you risk voiding any insurance claim you could have made. This sets up the potential for huge money loss.

Insurance companies usually honor the claim if you are up to code and a professional installed your residential generator. You have the paperwork signed by the electrician, which is money in your hand.

Size Of Your Northampton, PA Generator

The size of your home and family and the number of electrical devices you power affect the proper generator choice. An automatic generator can be as small as 8kW or up to 600kW. This large range means a lot of figuring goes into choosing the most cost and energy-efficient generator.

With the help of a professional, you can find the generator that saves you the most money by choosing the option with the right amount of power on hand so you don’t have to worry about not having enough during an emergency.

Repairs For Automatic Home Generator, And More

Who do you call during an emergency electrical need? You make a connection when you hire a professional to install your residential standby generator. Once you do, you have someone on call for repairs.

They become more than an electrician. They become a partner you feel comfortable calling in your time of need.

Finding A Professional Residential Automatic
Standby Generator Installer In Northampton

The best standby generator installers in Northampton, PA prioritize you as a customer. They are on call for emergencies, have a wide range of services, and know how to best serve you.

For a professional generator installer, call Shafnisky Electric today at (610) 435-2237 for a free quote. We offer 24-hour services and always have someone to talk to you about your residential automatic standby generator.

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