Workings Of Commercial Automatic Standby Generators

How Does A Commercial Automatic Standby
Generator Work In Stroudsburg, PA?

Learn The Ins And Outs Of A Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

Many businesses throughout the area use Stroudsburg, PA commercial automatic standby generators to keep their operations up and running when power outages hit. Storms, electric company maintenance, and natural disasters can result in the power being cut off from your business.

In these cases, having a standby generator gives you peace of mind that your Monroe County area business still has the power it needs to function. However, most business owners are curious about how a standby generator works.

We understand that. After all, these generators are saving the livelihood of your business, so knowing how they work is essential.

The Workings Of A Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

The ultimate idea behind a commercial automatic standby generator is that it kicks when there is an interruption in the electric power to your building. This generator is permanently located at your business, which is a huge difference between a standby generator and one of those portable generators you may pull out at home.

When the power goes off, the standby generator will detect a power outage. It will wait a few seconds, then the automatic transfer switch disconnects the power from the utility lines and connects it to the generator.

This happens in a few seconds, so there is hardly any downtime between the power going out and your generator starting.

Once the power has been restored via your utility company, the generator will disconnect the power from the generator, cool down, and then wait for the time the utility power goes out again.

It is a sophisticated system that will keep the electricity on in your building through an alternative power source. For example, some commercial standby generators will be hooked into a natural gas line, while others may use a tank of diesel fuel or even propane located outside.

Why Your Business Needs A Commercial
Automatic Standby Generator

For many business owners, they may question whether they need to have a standby generator or not. Those who have been in business for decades may think that they have done so far so good without one of these, so why consider one now?

Power outages tend to happen more now than they did years ago. Why is this? There are more businesses and homes hooked onto the power lines; thus, many companies need help keeping up with the demand.

That is why there may be rolling blackouts during extremely hot or cold weather, as the electric companies cannot keep up. Adding a commercial standby generator to your business means you are no longer the victim of power outages.

Think about the equipment that you have in your business. If you have machines needed to perform work, when the power goes out, you cannot work.

Likewise, if you have a cooler in your business for products that cannot thaw, a commercial standby generator ensures your products remain cold and ready to be sold.

Ultimately, a generator ensures that power outages do not affect your business and gives you peace of mind, knowing you are protected if an outage happens.

How Long Can A Commercial Automatic
Standby Generator Run Your Business?

A common question that business owners ask is how long their generator can power their business. The answer to this depends on the load you put onto the generator. Generators have the option of having half loads or whole loads.

Of course, whole loads will go through more fuel. The fuel supply is the only limitation that affects how long your generator will run.

If you are hooked onto a utility company’s natural gas line, your generator will run as long as you have natural gas running to your building. If you have a diesel or propane tank, you are limited to how much is in the tank.

Thus, when you get low on diesel or propane, you may need a new delivery to ensure you can run your generator when needed.

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