Your Guide To Whole House Rewiring

Planning A Whole House Rewiring Project In
Fountain Hill, PA? Here’s What It Involves

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Do you frequently experience tripped circuit breakers or have knob and tube wiring? In either case, your home is likely due for whole house rewiring in Fountain Hill, PA. While this may seem daunting, it will provide immeasurable benefits.

The primary bonus of completing this project is the safety it will offer you and your family. If your home has an older electrical service, it’s best to update it to one that can handle the demands of your lifestyle and the appliances placed on it.

At Shafnisky Electric, we want our homeowners to feel comfortable throughout their electrical wiring projects, so we created this guide. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about what a whole house rewiring project involves.

The Initial Assessment Of Your Wiring System

When we start a whole house rewiring project, the first step is thoroughly evaluating the existing wiring system. This will help determine if this is the right project for your needs. If you have an older home built before 1950 and has not had its wiring updated, it likely has an unsafe, outdated system.

In addition to the age of your home, we’ll consider other factors. These include the current condition of your existing wiring and whether you’ve recently completed any home renovations.

The truth is that outdated electrical wiring can be incredibly dangerous, leading to house fires. Faulty wiring and overloaded circuits are two of the biggest issues that can put your family at risk.

Planning Your Rewiring Project

Once the assessment of your current wiring system is complete, our licensed electrician will begin working on the plan for your rewiring project. They will work with you to determine the number and placement of any new outlets and switches.

They’ll also identify the type of wiring needed for each area of your home. If you plan on integrating smart home features, this is the perfect opportunity to add them to your home’s wiring system.

We will also obtain the necessary permits for the project. These are required for any upgrades to your electrical system and must be obtained before the work can begin.

Rewiring Your Entire Home

The first step in the rewiring project is disconnecting your home from the power source. At Shafnisky Electric, we take pride in following all appropriate safety measures to keep our electricians and customers out of harm’s way.

When working with electrical wiring, the only safe way is to disconnect the live current. Once the power is disconnected, we’ll remove your old wiring and fixtures.

We work meticulously to ensure that all outdated materials are completely removed from your home. Our electricians will remove all old outlets, switches, and other electrical devices that could pose a danger.

Then, we’ll start installing the new wiring and devices. If your home was operating on 60 amps, we’ll upgrade your electric service to a standard 100-amps or 200-amps depending on your electrical needs. This ensures it can support the average demand for electrical systems in modern homes. Your home will be significantly safer and be much less likely to experience tripped circuit breakers. Additionally, this upgrade will bring it up to the current code requirements.

Some homes, it may make sense to upgrade to 400-amps for any large future projects. Now is the time to plan for the future which is where if you forecast your needs and spend the money now, it will save you money down the road and most times, provide better resale value too!

Testing Your New Wiring System

It’s time to test the new system when we’ve completely installed your new wiring and electrical devices. We’ll go room to room, checking every outlet and switch we installed to guarantee it was installed correctly and poses no risk to you or your family.

Once satisfied with our work, we’ll restore the power to your home and complete one more inspection. We’ll complete a walkthrough with you, discuss the work completed, and cover your warranty with you.

Then, we’ll leave you to enjoy the numerous benefits of your fully upgraded home. From peace of mind to increased safety, you’ll be glad you had your whole house rewiring project completed.

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At Shafnisky Electric, we embrace a total culture of safety. Led by our Master Electrician and owner, Tom, we aim to deliver an exceptional experience to every customer who trusts us with their home or business.

So, if you need whole house rewiring in Fountain Hill, PA, don’t settle for less. Call Shafnisky Electric today at (610) 435-2237 to schedule a free quote.

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