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For Your Commercial Electric Service

Businesses should use an experienced commercial electrician as commercial electrical projects vary greatly from residential electrical projects. You need a commercial electrician that you can trust to meet your needs in an efficient and professional manner. Shafnisky Electric Inc. Commercial Electric Service can do just that. We will meet you at your business and discuss your scope of work and help you design a project to serve your intended purposes, within your budget and timeframe.

Commercial Services 1Put cutting edge technology to work for you. We design a solution that fits your needs, whether you are looking for convenience, security or cost savings for your business.

At Shafnisky Electric, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest technologies in lighting and electrical design. Embracing cutting-edge technology may mean higher costs up front, but could offer significant long-term savings.

Whether you’re planning minor office improvements or a complete renovation, we’ll work with you to find ways to save energy and save you money.

Contact Shafnisky Electric to schedule a free consultation. We’ll work with you to design an electrical solution and develop a project plan.

Commercial Services 2Appropriate lighting is critical to an efficient work environment. We tailor your lighting to your business needs and complete the job to your specifications.

We take the lighting challenges in your home or office and create stunning solutions.

In an office environment, improper lighting creates eye strain and can negatively affect productivity. We custom design your lighting to suit your business and maximize efficiency in your office.

Whether you’re looking for ambient or accent lighting, Shafnisky Electric can design a custom solution to fit your needs.

If you have an electrical problem that is slowing down your business, from loss of power to computer networking issues, give us a call.

Troubleshooting is our forte, especially in older buildings.

Commercial Services 3We help ensure the safety of your business, employees and customers with optimum outdoor and security lighting.
exterior security lighting

Outdoor lighting is designed to create an aesthetically pleasing area for entertaining as well as creating a safe and secure area for your business. Our technicians can help you design your outdoor area to match your budget and accomplish your goals. Options can include motion sensors, timers, floodlights, and dimmers.

Our staff strives to stay up-to-date with any lighting trends and will help you design a lighting installation that meets your needs and provides maximum security, all within your budget.

Commercial Services 4If you are using old and outdated lighting technology you are paying more for your lighting than you need to. You can reduce operation cost as well as maintenance cost by upgrading to new and energy efficient lighting. We at Shafnisky Electric can walk your building with you and come up with suggestions for getting your lighting current which will save you money immediately and we will design this for your budget.

At this time we can review if you have enough lighting or too much lighting. Since this will be an upgrade, why not ensure your light levels are where they need to be?

We will work with your local power company to see if there are any rebates available that would help offset the initial investment you would make for your lighting upgrades. Even after the initial expense is completed the monthly energy savings is yours forever!

For peace of mind, install an access control system that is right for you. We strategically place monitors and intercoms for your security and convenience.

During your free consultation, we can discuss your security needs and you can choose the best option for your situation. Contact Shafnisky Electric to schedule your free consultation today.

Commercial Services 5Don’t take a chance with the security of your business. We design a closed circuit surveillance system that fits your needs.

Surveillance Cameras
Shafnisky Electric designs and installs surveillance monitoring systems for commercial and in-home use. Advances in technology and a wide variety of options have made loss prevention, safety and peace of mind more affordable than ever.

Commercial Surveillance
Video surveillance with closed-circuit television or Internet access can protect your business or corporate facility. Monitor entryways, cash registers, and movement throughout your store or office to protect your business in case of an emergency or theft.

Residential Surveillance
Keep an eye on your family, even when you’re away from home. Know who is at the door before you open it. Watch over your nanny, babysitter or other caregivers to ensure the highest level of care. With baby monitoring or outdoor systems, know that your children are safe in your home or in your yard.

Contact Shafnisky Electric for a free consultation and custom surveillance monitoring system.

We show you how to save money without sacrificing proper lighting.

Contact Shafnisky Electric to schedule a consultation today to discuss your electrical service needs and you can choose the best options for your situation.

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Commercial Services 6Maybe you want to have lights in your garage or shed. Having a receptacle to plug a tool in out by the pool would be nice for the summer party or maybe you want to have a post light installed by your driveway to help welcome you home. When you need to get electricity to a remote location we have the equipment to get your power where it needs to be!

On a larger scale, Shafnisky Electric have designed and completed projects that needed to have power reach over ¼ of a mile away without voltage drop!

If your power installation is critical, when trenching it is important to get the electricity below the frost line. This means you want to get your conduit below 36” and if you’re interested in doing the “Cadillac” of trenches you should lay a bed of screenings for the conduit to lay on and install screenings over the conduit. Also, install a magnetic tape roughly 12” below the surface so that you can find this wiring in the future.

Contact Shafnisky Electric to help determine your electrical needs and plan your project.

Do you need lighting maintenance?
Would you like to have a security camera in that “hard to reach spot” of your property?
Do you want to upgrade your existing lighting?

Shafnisky Electric can provide the necessary equipment to help reach those high places that need work! We have completed work with lifts over 100’ tall and can tackle your project while keeping everyone safe.

Contact Shafnisky Electric to help determine your electrical needs and plan your project.

Having a sign for your customers to find you is a wise investment. To maximize your advertising investment it’s important to have your sign illuminated and that will require periodic maintenance.

We not only can service your sign to keep it lit at night time, we stay on top of the latest lighting trends to help you make decisions on the best upgrades to help keep your electric bills and future maintenance costs to a minimum.

Do you have a sign that’s out of the norm? Hire a company with the experience with bucket truck services and safety that you need to keep your investment looking good!