Billboard and Outdoor Display Lighting 1

See the Shafnisky difference

The Shafnisky Electric team has decades of experience with digital LED and illuminated systems of all sizes and settings – from high-traffic, high-elevation units (unipole, gantry and conventional mounts) to on-site retail and commercial signage systems.

We provide outdoor advertising lighting installations, upgrades and reliable service throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Shafnisky also specializes in the latest outdoor lighting trends that can reduce energy use and lower your expenses.

It’s big, it’s bold
and it demands attention

Outdoor visual marketing keeps working after the sun goes down, but only if the lights stay on. Exposure to the elements, routine wear and tear and storm damage can all cause disruptions in illuminated system function. Shafnisky’s outdoor lighting services are proven to maximize the return on your investment and prevent your out of home assets from going dark.

We go to great heights

Shafnisky Electric’s team of licensed professionals is fully equipped to rise to the challenges that outdoor lighting can present. Our bucket truck services and specialized training allow us to offer unparalleled quality and safety on the catwalk, even up to 125 feet. We also take pride in being highly skilled at providing effective and creative power solutions for signage that is remote or difficult to reach.   

Billboard and Outdoor Display Lighting 2

You need the pros

Shafnisky is the region’s top trusted partner for outdoor display lighting needs. Contact us for more facts today.